Oman’s OQ Chemicals Aims for Bigger Goals in 2021

Chemical plant

Chemical plant

Germany-headquartered OQ Chemicals, a leading Omani owned manufacturer of oxo intermediates and derivatives has decided to push its output of carboxylic acids, one of the key ingredients in the manufacture of synthetic lubricants, along with other intermediate chemical products.

The decision was made when the former Oxea officially changed its name to OQ Chemicals with its integration into newly formed energy company OQ, with an aim to open up new avenues for international clients.

The manufacturer is also focusing on innovation and benefitting customers from synergies, along with with an aim of adding 30% of the total production capacity of carboxylic acids in 2021.

In 2013, when Oxea became a part of Oman Oil Company, the company has been trying to make significant growth in many programs and initiatives, focusing on delivering sustainability and business excellence. The products from the then Oxea has been used in the production of high-quality lubricants, coatings, including other pharmaceutical products. Over the years, the manufacturer with its plants in different countries have produced over 1.3 million tonnes per annum from over 70 variants of oxo intermediates and derivatives.

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