Alibaba Cloud Expands to HealthTech Across South-East Asia

Woman use of smart watch for training exercise

Woman use of smart watch for training exercise

Alibaba Cloud, the largest provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in Asia-Pacific signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which paves way for Fintech and healthcare to work together.

The Healthcare Fintech Alliance (HFA) will be enabling the genesis of a healthcare technology ecosystem across major parts of Asia, catering to a wider area, which includes Vietnam and Indonesia.

With the aid of Alibaba Cloud, the benefits of high-speed, lower-latency connections will be reaped for healthcare enterprises as well as fintech startups.

Reportedly, HFA will shift its focus on key areas like personalized healthcare, value-based agreements, affordability, digital therapeutics, outcome monitoring, population health, and the growth of healthtech devices.

Lilian Koh, the founder of Fintech Academy, shares her excitement to help innovators, saying that the partnership will drive scholarship and collaboration between technology and healthcare through the network.Alibaba Cloud is also expanding its global footprint by partnering with many international companies. With the growth of cloud computing, many healthcare needs are expected to be met in the coming years.

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