Tropical Paradise Maldives Reopens for Tourists



The tropical paradise, Maldives is now open for tourists, starting July 15 without any self-isolation restrictions, as per the Country’s Ministry of Tourism.

After being closed since March, the Indian Ocean archipelago is now open to international tourists without any mandatory quarantine upon arriving at the Velana International Airport, Male.

Earlier, The Ministry of Tourism had put out a notice- “see you in July” adding “the sun will shine in the Maldives again”. As per the Maldives government’s guidelines, exemptions are made only on transit arrangements. Social distancing, thermal screening, masks, and the use of hand sanitizers are encouraged at the Velana airport and in transit.

Hotels at uninhabited islands and liveaboard boats are now open for tourists. Guesthouses and hotels at inhabited islands will be available from August 1, with exceptions to transit purposes. Travelers will need to download the contact tracing app TraceEkee to enable any authorities to trace any possible spread of the coronavirus. According to Visit Maldives, international tourists will not have to produce any paperwork or pay additional fees on arrival to prove they are tested negative for Covid-19.

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