Coronavirus Pandemic Calls for Better Home Technology

In recent months, safer and cleaner homes have piqued the interest of house-owners with better technological innovations.

Coronavirus Pandemic Calls for Better Home Technology

Coronavirus Pandemic Calls for Better Home Technology

With the coronavirus ravaging our daily lives- the way we live, our expectations from our homes, and so on- the idea to have not just clean but sanitized places to live in, is the next big thing in home technology.

While we wait to have all our expectations come to fruition, homebuilders are coming up with innovative clean home technologies.

Disinfection through ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) cleaners to get rid of pesky indoor biological pollutants like molds, bacteria, and viruses, are in high demand for regular cleaning of large spaces like offices and public transit centers.

Vital Vio, a company expert in antimicrobial LED lighting, are using visible light to alter the nature of microbes but selectively, leaving those in humans, pets, and plants to ensure safe, toxic-free homes.

Meanwhile, house builders such as Kiper Homes are offering newer and more energy-efficient technologies like tankless water heaters, energy-efficient windows, water-saving toilets for house owners for comfortable and healthy home environments.

Cleaning gadgets are now becoming more sophisticated and can get to all the unreachable nooks and crannies to deliver a new kind of clean.

As more of the clean home technology is finding a way into commercial buildings, house owners are expecting the same for their homes.

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