Amazon Launches IP Accelerator for SMBs Across Europe

IP accelerator will be made available to brands associated with Amazon’s retailer stores

Amazon Launches IP Accelerator for SMBs Across Europe

Amazon Launches IP Accelerator for SMBs Across Europe

#Amazon has launched Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator across Europe- in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Spain to enable small- and medium-sized businesses obtain trademarks and fight counterfeit goods.

The #IP accelerator allows entrepreneurs to connect with a secure network of European law firms with expertise in IP rights, alongside receiving general IP advice to support their brands’ growth. IP rights are significant to avoid unauthorized parties from the brand name usage and stealing of ideas. 

Amazon made the move, considering small business owners as the target because of lack of knowledge about IP rights on their intellectual properties. 

Joining the IP accelerator is free-of-cost, whereas participating law firms will charge with costs in the form of competitive and pre-negotiated rates, according to Amazon. 

The move marks over 150,000 small- and medium-sized businesses all over Europe, covering Amazon’s six biggest markets in the continent.  The selling partners account for over 50% of Amazon’s online products sales.  

Amazon’s Brand Registry provides the small and medium businesses with powerful tools to manage the IP rights in the Amazon stores, along with the ability to report any infringement. Further, more powerful tools enables brand growth with Amazon’s product detail pages by helping customers make informed shopping decisions. 

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