Tamkeen Cushions Private Sector With $2.2 Billion Support

Multiple support programs and initiatives are catering Bahraini enterprises and employees over the past decade

Tamkeen Cushions Private Sector With $2.2 Billion Support

Tamkeen Cushions Private Sector With $2.2 Billion Support

Tamkeen Cushions has provided BD830 million ($2.2 billion) to support the private sector and Bahraini employees. 

Tamkeen is also availing its support program through enhancement of the program and development, all while supporting objectives of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. 

Over the past decade, #Tamkeen has seen a remarkable growth in the support it receives through coverage of operational costs and infrastructure.  The #Labour Fund has also provided over BD54 million to support more than 16,000 enterprises, affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

There is also emphasis on honing skills of Bahraini employees and boosting their employability within the private sector. 

Several initiatives of Tamkeen are built to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, including the Enterprise Support Program, which constitutes The Training and Wage Support Program and Business Development program, along with The Individual Support Program. 

The Business Development Program has supported 13,659 enterprises with BD193 million and covering up to 50% of operational costs and services. The program has benefitted 11% of large enterprises, 42% of SMEs, and 47% of startups since 2014. 

To combat the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tamkeen has shielded small and micro enterprises through Financial grants and government initiatives during the crisis. 

Under the Training and Wage Support Program, the hike of wages for 26,146 Bahraini employees with a total sum of BD36 million has been provided, alongside an average support per enterprise of BD1,400. 

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