UK Government Launches Four Investment and Trade Hubs

The launch would lead to a major export drive and support a resilient economy

Business Team Investment Entrepreneur Trading Concept

Business Team Investment Entrepreneur Trading Concept

The UK government has launched four trade hubs to bolster the economy post-pandemic and post-Brexit. 

The latest hubs will be located in Darlington, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast, Secretary OF State for International Trade Liz Truss said in a statement.  They are expected to aid support and advice to help regional businesses boost exports and have access to major trade markets. 

They will channel investment to all parts of the country, and exporters will have access to the expertise they need to make sales into the fastest-growing markets, she added. 

The UK government has taken the measures as a part of Covid-19 recovery and boost exports with localized advice from investment and export specialists to firms. Additionally, the trade hubs will follow calls for investment outside of London, though the hub locations won’t be close to major industry hubs in the Midlands and North. 

According to the latest data by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), British exports have dropped for weak demand in Britain and post-Brexit. The year-on-year analysis shows the exports of chocolate, whisky, and cheese to have gone down, while exports of beef and salmon saw declines of 92% and 98% respectively.

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