How Tik Tok was created and how it works?

Helping artists gain popularity with robust technology- TikTok

How Tik Tok was created and how it works?

How Tik Tok was created and how it works?

The famous and most disruptive innovation of short video sharing app that became popular in a very short period – Tik Tok is called Douyin in China. The Chinese social networking iOS and Android media app from the parent company Byte Dance were launched in the year 2016.

In an era where social media has emerged as an innovative means of sharing information and communication with big networks that were already booming in the market, Tik Tok became the most popular platform that allows user-generated content.  It is one app that defined the generation.  There have been many influencers who got incredible fame, it has been a Launchpad for success and created many celebrities.

How Chinese engineer brought this app into the limelight:

A Chinese engineer Alex Zhu witnessed American teenagers performing on a train and shooting videos on their phones, with the incident he thought of an app that helps people to make and share videos.  That was when was started by ByteDance Ltd. The app was a boon to the people as it offered a simple and quick way to make videos and post. The app soon became a huge hit with over 2 billion downloads.  The inception of the app shows the creator’s idea and understanding of what the generation needs.

It became so popular that giants of social networking like Facebook wanted to acquire it. There are many examples of success stories,  a 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio who got fame through a dancing video with over 100 million followers, Addison Rae with more than 70 million followers became popular and bagged a role in the remake of ‘She’s All That’ Remake, another teenager Loren Gray has more than 50 million followers has made a career in music with Tik Tok fame.

Being a part of an enhanced technology firm Tik Tok holds many strategies to popularise artists. It has robust artificial intelligence which goes beyond social media communities. The micromanagement of the parent company made Tik Tok so popular and the latter spends an enormous amount of time and plans to create viral moments. The content creators strategize and help the artist to get stardom. Tik Tok helps the artists by conducting exclusive market research and helps them to create content based on the trends.

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