Qatar – gearing up for FIFA world cup

Qatar plans 20,000 Hotel rooms to welcome World Cup guests

Qatar - gearing up for FIFA world cup

Qatar - gearing up for FIFA world cup

One of the most badly hit industries due to the pandemic has been the Hospitality industry. The travel restrictions slowed the occupancy in the hotels.  The global hotel industry saw a downturn due to zero to low occupancy, expenses incurred to transform the business models which not only led to huge losses but also unemployment.

Qatar has some of the best hotels in the world with luxurious interiors, exquisite dining, stunning décor, and awe-inspiring sea views. The skyscrapers offer comfort and relaxation beyond imagination.  However, the best of the industries also had to take the brunt of the pandemic. With which the hotels in the Middle East and Africa slumped. The Qatar hotels occupancy managed to be at 56.6%, revenue per available room (RevPAR): QAR201.50, and Average daily rate (ADR) – QAR356.13.

Yet, the country is planning to get ready for the most awaited big event the FIFA World Cup. It had already marketed its opulent hotels for the event.  As per the Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) report released recently the country is in midst of constructing and planning almost 20,000 rooms before the event which is scheduled for November 2022. The report stated the present supply of hotel rooms in Qatar is 33,208.  The tourism rebound is also a factor to be focussed on post-pandemic by widening the scope of attractions new resorts, recreation, and leisure facilities. Qatar has observed the significance of leisure tourism as the need for hotels plummeted due to the acceptance of alternate measures like digital space. Due to the travel restrictions, almost all the companies relied on virtual technologies which had an impact on business travel around the world.

Some of the Hotels that would welcome the guests for the world cup 2022 are the best in Qatar. The selection of the hotels demonstrates sensibility, luxury, and sophistication. The hotels based in the capital city – Doha is a convenient option for the guest for World Cup venues.  It is an urban location with an abundance of the best amenities and attractions. wonderful properties like – The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Grand Hyatt, Millennium Plaza, etc, that are spacious, contemporary, relaxing, and well-equipped are sought out for the guests.

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