3 Indonesia and Huawei enable users with uninterrupted mobile services

AI technologies will enhance Mobile networks in Indonesia

3 Indonesia and Huawei enable users with uninterrupted mobile services

3 Indonesia and Huawei enable users with uninterrupted mobile services

One of the leading telecom service providers of Indonesia ‘3 Indonesia’ operates throughout the nation providing the users best communication experience using 4G LTE/4.5 G. In a recent event the Telecom service provider 3 Indonesia and Huawei- The Chinese multinational technology company jointly launched a new digital network operation center, or NOC, to provide the users uninterrupted reliable service in Jakarta.

3 Indonesia provides services to more than 300 cities in Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok, and Bali. The company has been growing as a digital service provider since 2007. The company delivers innovative services that improve the internet connectivity standards useful for the youth of the country.

Both the companies promise strong mobile service even during electricity shortages.

The network operation center uses advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that manage and monitor The 3 Indonesia’s mobile network. It also incorporates augmented reality (AR) technology offering network operation and maintenance that includes network disaster recovery in an efficient manner.

The president of Hutchison 3 Indonesia Cliff Woo said that the 4G sites in Indonesia have doubled in the past two years; this increase has led them to be the third-largest 4G mobile network in the country. He added that the new venture will amplify such large networks and enable them to pave the way for 5G networks through their network management.

The CEO of Huawei Indonesia – Jacky Chen expressed that the new digital NOC will bring change in the network operations for 3 Indonesia with high quality and efficiency.

The NOC will utilize advanced technologies to improve the network control rooms. It will also have better communication facilities that include advanced access control, command centers for emergencies and high-security features for the staff entering the operation areas.

During the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference, Huawei rotating Chairman Ken Hu said that the digital transformation is beyond companies based on the internet; it has drifted to different sectors like education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Huawei forecasts that more than 95% of the companies will adopt AI technologies by 2025, additionally, 77% of the cloud applications will be powered by AI.

Despite the virus threat, the company could successfully deploy over 50,000 new base stations in Indonesia in a safely and efficiently.

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