AstraZeneca and Docon Technologies sign MOU to digitize 1000 clinics in India

The partnership helps clinicians treat NCDs with customized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems

AstraZeneca and Docon Technologies sign MOU to digitize 1000 clinics in India

AstraZeneca and Docon Technologies sign MOU to digitize 1000 clinics in India

The leading biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca India signed a memorandum of understanding with Docon Technologies, Bangalore, India. The joint venture’s new digital platform offers the best treatment for non-communicable diseases across 1,000 clinics in India. The partnership will allow the patients and the clinicians to diagnose and have a patient history with the help of customized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

The number of deaths related to NCDs has been the driver for enhanced technological treatments with a centralized repository of critical patient history. The majority of the people in India suffer or have ailments related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or pulmonary disorders.

The onset of the pandemic has taken away the liberty to consult doctors. Due to the social distancing and the increased virus spread, the NCDs required a simplified protocol to initiate treatment and consult the doctor. Therefore, with viable government initiatives and adapting to digital services in the healthcare field, the patients seek advice from the doctors without any hassle. The services like EMR, teleconsultation enable the doctor to monitor the patients closely.

The collaboration implements a vision to tackle health problems and prevent health deterioration. It builds a robust ecosystem based on science and technology.

The partners find the collaboration beneficial and exciting to promote the digitization of clinics and patient record. With the help of Docon, patients with non-communicable diseases will benefit from close monitoring as the doctors impart treatment. The consistent interaction helps to cure the NCDs and get good results. The catalytic technology drives the improvement in the healthcare sector from any part of the country. The platform allows doctors from anywhere to opt for teleconsultation, thus increasing job opportunities. As part of digitizing 1000 clinics, nearly 200 clinics have been upgraded in Tier 1 & 2 towns. The clinicians will get a 3-day training to learn and adapt to the new healthcare system.

For maximum security, the patient data will be fully encrypted and stored in a private cloud server.

A recent study by Inc42 named India’s eHealth Market Opportunity Report, 2021, said that the eHealth segment in India is booming. The telemedicine market is gaining higher momentum. Many startups and large corporations are fueling the shift. The key players in the industry are practo, mFine, DocPrime, CallHealth, etc. Hence, the segment is estimated to reach $5.4 Billion by 2025, at a 31% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

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