Aya Gold & Silver finds growth opportunity in Morocco’s newly discovered mineralized zone

Aya Gold & Silver records impressive results from the four-kilometer-long mineralized zone

Morocco’s newly discovered mineralized zone provides Aya Gold & Silver a massive growth opportunity

Morocco’s newly discovered mineralized zone provides Aya Gold & Silver a massive growth opportunity

Aya Gold & Silver is a Canada-based silver manufacturer. Aya Gold & Silver holds operations in the African country, Morocco, and has discovered a new four-kilometer-long mineralized zone located approximately 120 kilometers from Ouarzazate.

Aya Gold & Silver‘s Growth Opportunity in Morocco

Aya Gold & Silver discovered a mineralized structure spanning north to south for over four kilometers long. The structure was identified to be of high-grade value and is said to have assisted the profitability of the Imiter bis property.

This mineralized zone also denotes an equivalent growth opportunity for the Zgounder mine, which is continuously expanding. Benoit La Salle, Aya Gold & Silver’s president, and CEO pointed out that mobilization is being initiated to realize the abundant value for all stakeholders.

A comprehensive study was carried out by Aya Gold & Silver between June and July 2021. Channel sampling, grab sampling, and mapping were some of the fieldwork program activities included.

The emerging results of the Aya Gold & Silver fieldwork program indicated a high possibility of high-quality epithermal gold and silver existence in the region. The same report also recommended a probability of either porphyry deposits or copper-rich deposits.

Aya Gold & Silver holds five priority target regions where magnetic ground surveys are still an ongoing process. Aya Gold & Silver will begin testing the drilling process in October 2021 throughout the four-kilometer diamond drilling program.

Historically, the area possesses a very active volcanic system coupled with a big hydrothermal activity in the region.

Aya Gold & Silver’s projects are entirely based out of Morocco. Presently, it possesses one flagship silver mine in Zgounder (Taroudant province) and 6 other operational projects across the nation. The company’s flagship mine is branded to be one of the biggest silver mines in Morocco, after the Imiter Mine which is owned by Managem.

Aya Gold & Silver selected Morocco for its operations largely due to a trinity of factors: infrastructure, potential, and stability.

The excellent network of roads in Morocco cities is just a bonus for the company. The nation’s thermal coal, solar energy capacity, hydroelectric energy, and premeditated location helps simplify admission into markets all around the world.

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