Diyár Homes whips up a $30 million acquisition to spruce up Lahore’s real estate scenario

The real estate firm will create a foundation for world-class structures in the city of Lahore

Diyár Homes whips up a $30 million acquisition to spruce up Lahore’s real estate scenario

Diyár Homes whips up a $30 million acquisition to spruce up Lahore’s real estate scenario

UAE’s real estate giant, Diyár Homes is targeting venturing into the landscape of Lahore. This is deemed to be possible after the acquisition of a $30 million marvellously important waterfront development.

Lahore’s real estate sector has witnessed an enormous renovation in the past few years. A dedicated $10 billion investment has been made to enable the transformation of Lahore. Additionally, Diyár Homes has set itself to enhance the Lahore real estate scene with a whopping $30 million investment. This investment involved the acquisition of waterfront development.

Diyár Homes for the Pakistani real estate industry

The UAE real estate mogul has been eyeballing Lahore’s major real estate market for over 24 months. Diyár Homes has been seeking the right occasion to break it even in Lahore’s real estate market. This gargantuan investment of $30 million will prove to facilitate the expansion of Diyár Homes into Lahore. An official mentioned in a statement, that this opportunity will allow the real estate firm to create a foundation for world-class structures in the city of Lahore. The acquisition will develop uniquely raised standards in the Pakistani luxury real estate sector which will resonate with the brand’s status.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has envisioned a novel standard for Pakistan’s real estate sector. This vision is in unison with the intentions of Diyár Homes, which leverages its global expertise and knowledge in the real estate sector. The company will provide a world-class experience in the Pakistani real estate scenario. It will collaborate with the world’s most eminent consultants, right from the design and architecture to the engineering of Lahore’s landscape.

The company will prioritize clientele who are Pakistanis living overseas. They will strive to create custom-made and luxurious real estate and enhance the standards of the country’s real estate industry.

Lahore has been fueling itself in terms of investment. Over the recent years, over $10 billion of investment has been procured for the development of its real estate sector. The city’s population has evolved to more than 48% in the last 10 years. The GDP has been growing on a positive trajectory and is estimated to leap across the $100 billion mark by 2025.

Owing to these characteristics, the real estate rates in the downtown region have matured to approximately 50% over the past five years. This has sharpened the high-rise development in the region.

The government of Pakistan has recently declared “Lahore Prime”, which is a novel Central Business District (CBD) of $20 billion worth, which will be Pakistan’s foremost purpose-driven CBD. These kinds of growing developments in the area will only accelerate the growth curve for Lahore, in the coming years.

Lahore is the most potential Pakistani city today, in terms of – lifestyle, entertainment, and modern infrastructure. Compared to other major Pakistani cities, Lahore’s real estate is highly under-estimated in its value.

Compared to Karachi, luxurious high-rise and residential real estate rates are cheaper in Lahore. However, the region shows incredible potential in the next few years. Lahore has been the cultural center of Pakistan since time immemorial. It also serves as an urban center for the city of Punjab. Presently, it is developing a foothold as the country’s business hub owing to the growing investments from the government.

An estimated $40 billion is procured from the Pakistanis who live overseas. Prime Mister, Imran Khan is hence consistently focusing on broadening engagement with the migrated population.

All-in-all, Diyár Homes will rediscover luxury modern living in Lahore and deliver a deserving home, in the heart of their motherland, to the Pakistanis living overseas. These establishments will redefine the international lifestyle according to the needs of the clients.

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