Bahrain🇧🇭: ATDXT LLC and AFDE join hands to launch a regional data center for digital transformation

The Bahraini data center will target on supporting both private and government sector bodies in the Arab League member nations

Bahrain: ATDXT LLC and AFDE join hands to launch a regional data center for digital transformation

Bahrain: ATDXT LLC and AFDE join hands to launch a regional data center for digital transformation

ATDXT and AFDE will collaborate for the launch of a new-fangled regional data center, with a multimillion-dollar value, in Bahrain to endorse collective digital transformation throughout the Arab sphere.

This Bahraini data center will facilitate the evolution of local economies and augment the lives of the common people inhabiting the Arab sphere. The Arab Federation for Digital Economy (AFDE) has arrived at an understanding with ATDXT LLC (a digital transformation firm headquartered in Dubai) on September 1st, 2021.

ATDXT LLC and AFDE collaborate to launch a novel data center in Bahrain

The release of this unique collaboration between AFDE and ATDXT LLC will empower the new-flanged data center to focus on enhanced security, localized data protection, and interpreting digital transformation resolutions.

The new data center in Bahrain will deliver to all the member states of the Arab League. All member nations who involve themselves in the initiative will be allowed to leverage these solutions introduced in Bahrain. The initiative will be a key element behind the Arab world’s overall digital economy transformation exertions.

The solutions offered at the Bahraini data center will target supporting both private and government sector bodies in the Arab League member nations. The goal of the data center will be the improvement of the Arab economies and nurturing their incorporation into the economy of the globe.

The data center’s intention is to host progressive technologies and digital transformation solutions in an eco-friendly way. These solutions will also facilitate localized hosting in UAE, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia in the first phase. The other Arab League member nations will shortly follow afterward.

The data center’s technology solutions will encompass e-commerce services, e-health solutions, e-government services, transportation solutions, telecommunication transformation systems, governance, digital identity solutions, cyber security systems, e-agriculture portals, crime management systems, renewable energy, secure digital tokens, and fintech solutions, and further business solutions.

The founder & executive chairman of the ATDXT Group, GS Murthy, expressed his delight in partnering with the Arab League to gestate the foremost multi-million-dollar regional data center in Bahrain. The aim of this center will be digital transformation efficiency that will enhance the competitive nature of the Arab League nations. It will also facilitate their amalgamation into the global economy. Murthy stated that the ATDXT Group is confident about their skilled initiative which is targeted at edgy technologies that create an abundance of job opportunities. This initiative will also serve as incubation of technology leaders of the future across the Arab sphere, stated the founder & executive chairman of the ATDXT Group.

Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, Bahrain’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, expressed his appreciation for the ATDXT Group. He was happy that the firm chose the Kingdom of Bahrain to be the hub of the digital transformation initiative. This not only reflected the proficiency of the investment ecosystem in Bahrain but also provided a plethora of facilities to investors. He stated that this partnership will allow Bahrain to contribute to the niche of digital transformation in the countries of the Middle East.

Ambassador Hossam Zaki, the assistant secretary-general of the Arab League, stated that the member nations are collaborating with the Arab Union to actively promote the joint strategic vision for the enhancement of the digital economy.

The Chief Executive at Bahrain’s Economic Development Board, Khalid Humaidan, stated that with Bahrain’s selection as the hub for the digital transformation initiative, the nation will strive to serve the Arabsphere’s digital transformation goals in multiple sectors of the Arab economy. He stated that the position of Bahrain in the Middle Eastern geography will allow the nation to act as the principal hub for the venture. The digital infrastructure of the nation is an added bonus for the success of this endeavour. Additionally, Bahrain is inhabited by some of the world’s most highly educated and tech-savvy people which makes it a more advantageous ecosystem for a project of this scale and nature.

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