The United Kingdom to create 30,000 jobs with foreign investment injection

Foreign investments in the UK surged to GBP 9.7 billion

The United Kingdom to create 30,000 jobs with foreign investment injection

The United Kingdom to create 30,000 jobs with foreign investment injection

The United Kingdom will witness the birth of around 30,000 new jobs owing to the GBP 9.7 billion (USD 13.37 billion) injection via foreign investments, due to be declared by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Global Investment Summit held today (19th Oct 2021).

The foreign investment package encompasses 18 deals that will underpin growth in crucial sectors like hydrogen energy and wind energy, carbon capture and storage, and sustainable housing, further enhancing the UK’s climate leadership for the United Nations’ COP26 and further ahead.

The United Kingdom injects economy with foreign investments

The foreign investment injection arrives as the Department of International Trade releases a novel Investment Atlas, an online portal fabricated to aid international investors to recognize and implement high priority investment prospects in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England.

The Investment Atlas is dubbed to mark 53 premeditated investment prospects across the United Kingdom. Each of the 53 prospects delivers strong sustainability characteristics that resonate with the principal themes established in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 10-Point Plan. Fresh projects being showcased are inclusive of manufacturing ports in Humber and Teesside, net-zero transportation in Coventry, offshore wind infrastructures in Scotland, and sustainable food delivery systems in Telford.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will open the Global Investment Summit today (Tuesday) in London in conjunction with Anne Marie Trevelyan, Secretary of the International Trade. The Prime Minister will also partake in a board discussion with Bill Gates on the global energy evolution and the role of the private sector in dealing with climate change.

The GBP 9.7 billion declared today arrives over the existing GBP 5.8 billion (USD 7.99 billion) investment kept aside for sustainable projects since the Prime Minister revealed his 10-Point Plan in 2020.

The Global Investment Summit arrives two weeks ahead of the United Nations’ COP26 and will bridge the gap between global business leaders to probe the role of the private sector in achieving net 0 and boosting green growth. The Global Investment Summit also highlights crucial inward investment prospects in the United Kingdom, especially in the sustainable sectors of the future.

The United Kingdom Government will also reveal the Net Zero strategy in the next few days, marking out how the country will serve its commitment to accomplish net zero emissions by 2050. The Net Zero strategy will draft out measures to facilitate a comprehensive and clean United Kingdom energy sector, support businesses and customers to evolve into clean power, unlock major investment opportunities, and birth thousands of well-paid jobs.

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