ASAS Real Estate Company begins sales at the alluring Al Qasimia City from AED 179,000

The Al Qasimia City lies betwixt UAE’s docks on the eastern and western shores

ASAS Real Estate Company begins sales at the alluring Al Qasimia City from AED 179,000

ASAS Real Estate Company begins sales at the alluring Al Qasimia City from AED 179,000

ASAS Real Estate Company, the real estate wing of the Sharjah Islamic Bank, in collaboration with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has declared the release of sales of the industrial, commercial property project ‘Al Qasimia City’.

ASAS Real Estate’s Al Qasimia City resonates with the determined vision of Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah and the Member of the Supreme Council, in aiding the strategy of economic versatility in the United Arab Emirates.

ASAS Real Estate’s Al Qasimia City

ASAS Real Estate’s Al Qasimia City is one of the most eminent industrial real estate developments the Government of Sharjah subsidizes, keeping the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology strategy to be dubbed as the 300 billion projects. It is the biggest and most wide-ranging strategy to enhance the industrial sector in the UAE and aids in accomplishing leadership and ecological economic growth regionally, locally, and globally.

The General Manager of ASAS Real Estate, Ahmed Al Amiri, stated that the firm constantly strived to launch illustrious projects in Sharjah, with an industrial and commercial city project inclusive of logistical, commercial, and industrial services and facilities. The Al Qasimia City project will further cement the industrial sector and accomplish sustainable economic growth by facilitating a proper real estate incubator to endorse local industrial development and enhancement of value-added sectors.

Al Amiri stressed that by interpreting the national foresight of the ‘Al Qasimia City’ project, the city project targets to inspire investors to make industrial investment pronouncements in the strategic area of the Emirate of Sharjah – alongside the Al Madam region, on the Dubai-Hatta freeway. The city project is easily approachable from Dubai, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. It delivers all the elements and capacities of industrial investment fastened by an elite infrastructure of roads, electricity, and lighting stated Al Amiri.

The General Manager of the ASAS Real Estate Company elucidated that the city project’s location is midway, betwixt UAE’s docks on the eastern and western shores. This strategic location aids in magnetizing industrial & logistical conveniences, birthing job prospects, and backing up high-technology sectors. This wholesome accomplishment is possible owing to the enhancement of small and medium-sized projects and aiding the economy by facilitating by dedicating suitable areas for university and research hubs and growth.

ASAS Real Estate’s Al Qasimia City project delivers numerous plots of land devoted to exhibitions, offices, factories, warehouses, and workers’ housing. Additionally, the project delivers commercial properties at rates beginning from AED 179,000 (USD 48,731.35) for commercial lands and AED 522,000 (USD 142,110.42) for industrial properties, which comprise a beneficial investment prospect for business owners across a variety of industries. The Al Qasimia City project is inclusive of 1,119 industrial plots. The commercial area spans over 22 million square feet, inside an area devoted to various sectors. The areas start from 3,965 square feet for commercial properties and reach 115,765 square feet for industrial properties. The land is apt for an array of different industrial sectors.

The ASAS Real Estate Company delivers a dedicated team to its clients who are interested to purchase. They deliver them with essential information on the features of the project, the spaces, and address all queries associated with the technicalities to bring their service to an elitist level of precautionary measures that assure the safety and health of every single client. The company’s headquarters resides on Maliha Street in the Emirate of Sharjah and provides financial aids for the project, through the Sharjah Islamic Bank, to deliver a handsome atmosphere for national and foreign investments in the city project.

The project’s comprehensive area of around 30 million square feet is a noteworthy feature. This wide-ranging area is inclusive of all the services and roads dedicated to Al Qasimia City.

In recent years, ASAS Real Estate has developed many eminent projects in potential regions, including residential and commercial properties, luxury villas, and spacious apartments.

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