SEBA Bank benefitted USD 120.70 million in a Julius Baer funding round

SEBA Bank will use this fund to enhance international growth throughout the Asian and Middle Eastern region

SEBA Bank benefitted USD 120.70 million in a Julius Baer funding round

SEBA Bank benefitted USD 120.70 million in a Julius Baer funding round

SEBA Bank, a Swiss-headquartered digital-assets banking platform, has accrued CHF 110 million (USD 120.70 million) in a financing round from investors like Julius Baer to enhance international growth throughout the Asian and Middle Eastern region.

SEBA Bank’s massive financing to enhance international growth

Conceived in April 2018, the Zug-based SEBA Bank gained a Swiss banking and securities dealers’ licence in August 2019 and in September 2021 it was bestowed the CISA licence that let the bank deliver institutional-grade upholding services to collective investment schemes in the Swiss region, making it the foremost entity in the nation to receive such a license.

The funding round by the comprehensively united, FINMA licensed digital assets banking portal was jointly led by a syndicate of specialized blockchain and fintech investors, inclusive of Ordway Selections, Altive, and Summer Capital, alongside DeFi Technologies, a NEO listed pioneer in decentralized investment.

Alameda Research, an international cryptocurrency quantitative trading company and liquidity facilitator, alongside the chief partner of FTX, also took part in the funding round.

SEBA Bank stated that the funding was vastly oversubscribed with prevalent investors, inclusive of Julius Baer, enhancing their investment.

The bank stated that the finances will further throttle the enhanced growth that SEBA Bank has accomplished over the past year.

The bank is presently underpinning more than 25 markets worldwide and has reinforced its presence in APAC in early 2022 by appointing an APAC CEO to cement its presence in Singapore and Hong Kong; alongside other priority markets in the GCC region including a devoted office in Abu Dhabi.

The firm stated that it had also enhanced its executive talent with an array of appointments to the senior leadership team and will further enhance its headcount and extend into new-fangled markets.

CEO of SEBA Bank, Guido Buehler, stated that the funds represented a crucial milestone for SEBA Bank and were proof to their foundations. The financing also confirmed the bank’s vision of emerging as a global pioneer in novel generation finance, facilitated by blockchain technology and their fully equipped banking license.

“The financing will allow us to enhance major developments in our digital asset banking platform and mature our footprint in markets across the world by enticing new talent.”

– Guido Buehler, CEO of SEBA Bank

Buehler stated that with the backing of such an influential group of investors, SEBA Bank was fortunate to access a broad range of novel skills and potentials to fast-forward their growth strategies.

The strategic underpinning arrives from specialist blockchain and fintech investors, including:

Ordway Selections, a private investment company of a successful family office in Zug which injects capital into digital assets and blockchain, food and agricultural technology, and health and wellness.

Altive, a prominent alternative asset management firm for consumer, technology, and healthcare industries, and a faction of a leading Asia-based private investment conglomerate with an efficacious track record of investment in blockchain firms.

Summer Capital, a multi-strategy investment management firm aiming at healthcare, fintech, and technology.

DeFi Technologies, one of the foremost publicly listed blockchain investment firms for traditional investors focussing in decentralized finance.

By leveraging the premeditated expertise of these specialist collaborators, SEBA Bank stated that it would preserve its loyalty to excellence and innovation in its investment and digital asset banking services.

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