Middle East: The first Legoland Hotel to unlock its gates on 21st January

The Legoland Hotel will encompass 250 rooms, chockfull with Lego toys scattered throughout the hotel

Middle East: The first Legoland Hotel to unlock its gates on 21st January

Middle East: The first Legoland Hotel to unlock its gates on 21st January

Legoland Hotel, the Middle East’s first-ever Lego-themed resort, has unlocked its gates in Dubai. Situated at the Dubai Parks and Resorts, this new-fangled resort will encompass 250 rooms and will welcome guests from January 21st 2021.

Delivering free theme park access to all overnight guests, the Legoland Hotel is established to be a fun-filled venue to lodge when tourists decide to take a trip to the Dubai Parks and Resorts’ brick-themed lures.

On Tuesday, the Legoland Hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts compered an opening ceremony with guests, who were welcomed to explore the novel property ahead of the foremost overnight guests checking in on 21st January.

Chockfull with Lego characters, bricks, models, and more, the hotel is pitched towards families with young children and is situated merely 130 child-sized steps from the gateway of the Legoland Dubai Theme Park and Water Park.

Steering into Dubai Parks and Resorts, one must be on the lookout for the Legoland Hotel’s lustrously coloured turreted flags which encompass the peak of the colourful red, green, blue, white, and yellow hotel.

Guests traverse via a clock tower defended by Lego models, under a smoke-breathing Lego dragon before arriving at the reception of the hotel. The check-in desk at the reception is fastened at a child’s height so that children can be involved throughout the Legoland Hotel experience.

A Lego-patterned carpet spans the floor and at the focal point of the lobby spills a colossal Lego Pond etched with numerous Lego bricks in every colour perceivable.

Lego imitation building pipes run alongside the ceiling, and beyond the lobby, a turreted castle soft play area is erected with slides, ropes, climbing frames, and more.

The Legoland Hotel at Dubai

The Legoland Hotel is also native to the foremost Legoland Hotel Creative Workshop. Situated on the ground floor, it is a place where young builders can get creative with what the Danish toy firm dubs as creative learning sessions.

Here, kids will be overseen and guided as they construct their Lego models and, right next door, an expert model-maker will be indulged in fabricating unique Lego models, with guests able to witness him in action.

The 250 rooms are spanned across four levels in the hotel. Every room comprises a versatile theme. Guests are allowed to choose between the Adventure, Friends, Ninjago, Pirate, and Kingdom rooms with the smallest of the rooms capacitating 5 people.

If one is a part of a bigger group, the larger suites house up to eight guests and the rooms can be interlinked on more than one side. This means that groups of up to 26 people could easily inhabit a mammoth-sized suite.

Every room in the hotel has a dedicated area for kids, with bunk beds and a television to watch their beloved Lego movies.

Similar to Legoland’s theme park and water park, the Legoland Hotel delivers principally for children aged 2-12 years old. Every niche of the Legoland Hotel is child-friendly, with the Lego theme mortared across corridors, doors, carpets, walls, furniture, and elevators. Gleaming Lego models decorate every room and there is also a Duplo station where kids can get creative.

An honesty box at the entrance motivates kids who may have become over-attached to any specific Lego brick, during their time at the hotel, to return the bricks to the hotel so that future guests still have a few toys to play with.

There is also a forager hunt for kids in each room, and the puzzle is different every time to keep kids busy during their stay.

The ground floor of the Legoland Hotel is where guests can witness the Bricks Family Restaurant. The restaurant serves complimentary breakfast to all the guests staying at the hotel.

The buffet-style restaurant greets diners via Lego models of sous-chefs. There is an entire section devoted and designed according to the anthropometrics of children. This all-day restaurant also serves lunch and dinner.

The Skyline Lounge is where adults can relax with a beverage whilst their kids indulge in the creative workshop or the castle play area. The lounge features a Lego skyline, fabricated by expert model-makers.

Kids will also enjoy witnessing all the models scattered around the hotel, including a giant Lego camel. In the exterior, there is a colossal temperature-controlled pool with Lego brick floats.

The Legoland Hotel edifice is a short ride away from other eminent theme parks like the BollywoodParks Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, and Riverland Dubai.

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