Qatar Islamic Bank declares new instant finance against a deposit in 2022

The Qatar Islamic Bank mobile app featured easy-to-utilise Arabic & English boundaries, intelligent & secure biometrics, and intelligent shortcuts

Qatar Islamic Bank declares new instant finance against a deposit in 2022

Qatar Islamic Bank declares new instant finance against a deposit in 2022

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has declared that its ground-breaking new-fangled ‘instant finance against deposit’ feature, a first-of-its-kind in Qatar, is now available on its award-winning mobile application.

Qatar Islamic Bank consumers who have fixed or certificates of deposits with the bank can now benefit instantaneous funding via the application underpinned by their deposits.

The new-fangled service, including a host of market-pioneering services delivered by Qatar Islamic Bank, makes it the leading bank in the nation to provide end-to-end instantaneous funding against salary or fixed deposit. In addition, the service continues the bank’s widespread digitisation efforts, which intends to deliver consumers a bespoke, seamless banking practice via the bank’s mobile application.

With merely a few simple steps, eligible, fixed, or certificate of deposit, consumers can log in to their Qatar Islamic Bank mobile application and apply up to 100 per cent of the deposit amount for instantaneous finance. Consumers can then trail the simple instructions to achieve the amount credited in their accounts within minutes from the cosiness of their homes or offices.

The General Manager of Qatar Islamic Bank (Personal Banking Group), D Anand, stated that the firm was ecstatic to introduce its new service on their mobile application, which will deliver its consumers with enhanced suitability and swifter accessibility to funding.

Mr Anand, General Manager of Qatar Islamic Bank (Personal Banking Group), added that the Qatar Islamic Bank was committed to familiarising the advanced services, products, and solutions, which steered innovation in the banking industry. In addition, the firm was striving to enhance the banking experience offered to its consumers constantly.

The new-fangled Qatar Islamic Bank mobile application featured easy-to-utilise Arabic and English boundaries, intelligent and secure biometrics, intelligent shortcuts, self-registration, and a combination navigation panel. These characteristics permitted consumers to discover all the accessible products and services in simple steps and quickly get the assistance they require within the application for a unified and intuitive tailormade experience.

Consumers could accomplish all transactions within a few steps. First, consumers could reap the benefits of the progressive and secured data systems to evade filing or re-entering pre-registered information. Consumers could download the application from Google Play Store or Apple Store and seek the ‘QIB Mobile App’ keyword. Then, consumers can effortlessly self-register utilising their debit card number and debit card PIN.

About Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) was the first Islamic bank to begin operations in 1982 and is still the biggest.

The Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) facilitates its regional business via a modern branch network established across Qatar with chief branches highlighting characteristic centres with dedicated relationship managers focussing on serving consumer sectors like – Affluent Banking, Private Banking, Ladies Banking, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Centres.

Additionally, the Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) accelerates its investments in digital channels by facilitating services via multi-functional ATMs, internet banking and mobile applications for individuals and firms, and an award-winning Call Centre.

The Qatar Islamic Bank Group holds several Qatari Shariah-compliant monetary services firms. This includes QInvest, its investment banking subsidiary, and its associates Al Jazeera Finance (Consumer Finance Company) and Beema (Takaful solutions provider).

The Qatar Islamic Bank Group has recognised an international existence in principal markets to deliver the cross-border requirements of its consumers and enhance their robust presence in regions with high interest in Islamic banking services.

Qatar Islamic Bank United Kingdom (QIB UK) is a comprehensively possessed subsidiary, set up in 2008, encompassing the monetary needs of Qatari individuals and firms in the UK. Additionally, the bank has maintained a presence in Lebanon via the Arab Finance House, Malaysia via the Asian Finance Bank, and Sudan.

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