Intelligent Vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover, Nvidia partnership

Partnership between industry legends promises to be exciting

Intelligent Vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover, Nvidia partnership

Intelligent Vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover, Nvidia partnership

Earlier this week, Jaguar Land Rover and tech giant Nvidia announced a partnership designed to equip all the cars from the former with Nvidia’s NVIDIA DRIVE – Hyperion 8 platform. The Hyperion 8 platform was unveiled in November 2021, aimed at Level 4 Self-Driving capabilities. This partnership announcement makes Jaguar Land Rover the second automobile manufacturer to incorporate Hyperion 8, a full suite of Nvidia’s automotive solutions.

This marks the beginning of an exciting partnership that will target the AV (Autonomous vehicle) space. Traditional automobile manufacturers, who have many years of experience in the industry, are now involving top computing manufacturers in the tech industry. This is an important development since it involves inter-operability inherent to the AV sector.

To drive itself autonomously, a vehicle requires tremendous amounts of computing power, combining AI with Machine Learning software. This is a massive requirement, and interoperability is vital to overcome the technological hurdles. This is because it allows the automobile manufacturer to make industry decisions as new technology evolves.

Jaguar Land Rover is placing the AV portion of its Reimagine strategy in the hands of NVIDIA, however, and industry experts say that it is probably a good thing. Jaguar hopes to make all its’ vehicles all-electric by 2025, and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across all of its operations by 2039, as part of its’ Reimagine strategy. Additionally, the Nvidia platform has a lot to offer for automated driving and parking systems and ADAS.

How Jaguar and Nvidia collaborate

NVIDIA is a leader in advanced computing and AI, and its DRIVE Orin SoC and Hyperion 8 platform are testimony to that. Drive Orin is its SoC customized for AV systems and its Drive Hyperion 9 platform is its modular computer architecture that includes sensors, safety systems, security systems, and networking systems. DRIVE Orin in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will run the Land Rover operating system. On top of NVIDIA’s full AV stack, it will leverage NVIDIA DGX to train AI models and DRIVE Sim software built on NVIDIA Omniverse. The technology offered by Nvidia complements the features that Jaguar Land Rover seeks in its’ premium segment vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles kitted with Nvidia’s computing platform are likely to roll out by 2025. By this time, Jaguar Land Rover will be positioned as a luxury all-electric car manufacturer.

The NVIDIA and Jaguar Land Rover deal is being touted as a great partnership with both positioning themselves to be luxury L4 consumer AV leaders.

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