Greekends beckon in 2022

Are you ready for the Greekend?

Greekends beckon in 2022

Greekends beckon in 2022

Greekend is a new campaign aimed at bolstering Greece’s tourism sector. the country is enticing Europeans to visit the country and enjoy a weekend break.

World-renowned advertising agency Ogilvy, and the Greek National Tourism Organization have created the campaign to invite visitors to the islands, and showcase the experiences and sights available to tourist. The unique term “Greekend” is emphasized throughout the ATL (Above The Line) marketing and advertising campaign. The brand slogan “End your week like a Greek” is also highlighted throughout the campaign.

The campaign, which is aimed at reviving the tourism sector, was necessitated by the downturn after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many hotels in Greek cities suffered due to the downturn, and this campaign is slated to be the first in a series of such efforts. Visitors are invited to safely enjoy authentic Greek weekends in some of the largest cities in Greece, the Greece Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias was quoted as saying.

Greekends designed to invite visitors to Greece

In a statement, the Tourism Minister of Greece mentioned that this advertising campaign is only the first in a series of planned initiatives to revive the tourism sector. The campaign is designed to invite visitors to Greece, to enjoy authentic Greek hospitality in some of its best locations.

Directed by noted Greek film director Argyris Papasimitropoulos, the central film promoting the campaign website is divided into one 30-second, and one 1-minute versions. The campaign website features information about places to explore, scheduled events, and must-try experiences in the Greek cities.

Elaborating on how the campaign was born, the Group Creative Director for Ogilvy Greece mentioned that most Greeks spend the weekend shopping, eating and drinking, strolling around town, meeting friends and enjoying the sun, returning home late at night. This inspired the name for the weekend tourism campaign – Greekend. He also mentioned that the agency had not just created a new campaign, but a new term inherent to Greece.

The “Greekender” campaign is part of a wider tourism initiative due to end at the end of March. The campaign will however run at different times of the year targeting major countries like the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel and Poland.

The website includes a number of interesting facts about Greece, like the fact that no part of Greece is more than 137 km away from the sea.

Digital booking platforms like Secret Escapes, Taboola, Kayak and more will feature the campaign advertisements.

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