Fully charge your phone in 9 minutes while you shower!

New technology will let your phone fully charge in just 9 minutes

Fully charge your phone in 9 minutes while you shower!

Fully charge your phone in 9 minutes while you shower!

A new mobile phone charging technology has been developed that will charge your phone in a matter of just a few minutes. The technology is expected to become available in the summer of 2022.

The new technology will allow mobile phone manufacturers the option of designing and producing phones which are smaller, lighter and thinner – especially since the size of mobile phones increased dramatically just to include bigger batteries.

The new technology, unveiled at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, will facilitate rapid charging of mobile phones without causing any damage to the battery.

The technology has been developed by Oppo, the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Oppo has grown rapidly in the UK, in addition to its’ sub brands RealMe, Vivo and OnePlus.

Other mobile phone manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with the new technology, especially since longer battery life and low charging times are will be a major USP for new mobile phone versions. Apple and Samsung are reported to be already working on technology that will rival Oppo.

The founder of tech website Pocket-Lint.co.uk, Stuart Miles, has said that a longer battery life is very important for majority of customers and positive efficacy changes are just not keeping pace.

He also said that mobile phone manufacturers are now following a policy of making phones charge more quickly, even if they cannot make the battery last longer. However, the latest technology unveiled by Oppo claims to rapidly charge batteries without causing any damage to them.

Speaking about the new technology from Oppo, Miles said that mobile phones can be charged in just nine minutes – faster than the average person’s time taken to shower and brush their teeth.

Miles feels that the new technology will make batteries smaller, allowing manufacturers to produce slimmer and lighter phones.

Speaking about the iPhone, Mr. Miles said that the iPhone has become bigger and heavier over the years, mainly due to the necessity of a larger capacity battery, which in turn led to a larger size..

New technology will let your phone fully charge in just 9 minutes.

Mr. Miles opined that if it was possible to charge a phone in just nine minutes, phones would require a much smaller battery instead of the giant ones that most mobile phones use today

He also felt that just because customers prefer larger screens, the mobile phone did not necessarily have to be thick and heavy. The new technology revealed by Oppo is slated to make heavy, thick smartphones a thing of the past.

At the unveiling during the Mobile World Congress recently, Oppo showcased its SuperVooc technology with a video of a 1% charged mobile going to 100% charge in just nine minutes.

The technology utilized 240 watts of power, and the battery capacity used as an example was a 4500 mAh battery. The 150-watt option, also by Oppo, is expected to charge a battery of the same capacity in only 15 minutes.

Most mobile phones are only able to accommodate ten to thirty watts of charging power, since currently any more than that will cause the batteries to overheat and possibly damage the device. iPhones and Samsung, leading phone manufacturers globally, also face the same issue.

In the year 2016, Samsung was forced to recall millions of mobile phones due to battery overheating, with a few cases of the battery catching fire after getting too hot.

The revolutionary new technology offered by Oppo, has been in development for the last eight years.

Oppo’s UK product manager, Neil Monger, mentioned that the new technology is not only about speed, but also the safety and convenience of their customers.

Citing an example of using a powerful battery without necessary safeguards, Monger said that batteries will damage and degrade faster over a period of time. He stated that Oppo repeatedly tests the batteries of its’ mobile phones to prevent that from happening.

Mentioning that a good battery will usually retain approximately 80% of its charge after 800 charges, he said that the new technology will enable batteries to last well beyond that for 1,600 charges.

He also stated that the new technology will feature 13 different heat sensors to monitor real-time charging status of the phones to prevent any damage caused by overheating.

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