Tourists Flock to Dominican Republic in Record-Breaking Numbers in 2022: Strong growth indicated

Half a million tourists to Island in February alone

Tourists Flock to Dominican Republic in Record-Breaking Numbers in 2022: Strong growth indicated

Tourists Flock to Dominican Republic in Record-Breaking Numbers in 2022: Strong growth indicated

Located just 8 hours away from Europe, 4 hours away from New York, and only 2 hours South of Miami, the Dominican Republic is the most diverse country in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic claims to be a destination unlike any other, with an intriguing history, bountiful nature, and rich cultural heritage.

The travel rebound that started post-Omicron, has seen many people heading to the island nation in 2022.

Half a million tourists to Dominican Republic in February alone

In February alone, the island nation recorded over half a million travelers, creating the second-largest tourism month in its entire history, in a report published by the Caribbean Journal.

In September of 2021, the island lifted travel restrictions which had been imposed during the worst month of the Covid-19 pandemic. The tourism Minister for the Dominican Republic, Mr. David Collado expressed that current tourism levels in the island nation are comparable to pre-pandemic levels – at a time when neighboring nations are grappling with a tourism-starved economy.

While almost sixty percent of tourists to the island arrive from North America, and Collado along with the Ministry of Tourism have been aggressively marketing the Dominican Republic as a top destination for holiday-makers.

The island nation had hosted a series of roadshows in the US prior to relaxing restrictions on tourists entering the country, in an effort to connect with industry leaders in various markets.

Collado mentioned that almost 80 percent of tourists stay in Punta Cana, while 30% of tourists are from Europe and 9% are from Latin America.

Dominican Republic was discovered in 1492 by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. The country produces unique specialties like rum, chocolates, cigars and coffee. It is the number one destination for golf in Latin America and the Caribbean, and boasts of 26 designer golf courses with green fairways amid stunning mountain backdrops and beautiful beaches. The island is an ideal destination for weddings too, with natural settings like romantic waterfalls and idyllic accommodation set on stunning coastlines. A number of top-class hotels and resorts also cater to corporate visitors to hold incentive and conference meetings on the island.

The tropical island is surrounded be the Caribbean Sea on the South, and the Atlantic Ocean on the North, and features almost a thousand miles of pristine coastline. Dominican Republic boasts some of the best beaches in the world, luxurious hotels and resorts which have the widest variety of entertainment, sports and recreational options for visitors. The island offers treats like the thrilling dance – merengue, diverse accommodation options, exploration of historical sites, and host of gastronomical delights. Tourists to the island can also avail of a range of ecotourism options in the national parks, mountains, rivers and beaches that are abundant in the island nation.

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