Music in the Metaverse : Unity and Insomniac to Power Virtual gigs in 2022

New collaboration for music in the Metaverse

Music in the Metaverse : Unity and Insomniac to Power Virtual gigs in 2022

Music in the Metaverse : Unity and Insomniac to Power Virtual gigs in 2022

In a recent announcement, Unity is said to have partnered with Insomniac Events in an effort to create interactive and immersive music concerts in the Metaverse.

The team at Unity will help Insomniac to create a persistent world (metaverse) – a universe of virtual worlds that are inter-connected. Earlier, this was introduced as a concept in novels like Snow Crash and the movie, Ready Player One.

The intended Metaverse, jointly created by Unity and Insomniac Events will be all about music, according to Peter Moore, senior VP of live entertainment and sports at Unity.

With almost 30 years of organizing concerts and community-based events, Insomniac is looking at Unity to create an experience for it’s fans in the Metaverse. In this proposed Metaverse, music fans can virtually engage and gather for live music performances, regardless of their physical location. Currently, Insomniac organizes more than 10,000 events a year which are attended by over seven million people.

Due to the pandemic, live concerts and almost all other events were affected by covid-19 regulations, which acted as a dampener for the industry. Unity is reported to have been working with Insomniac Events for over nine months on the Metaverse project.

Partnership to create new music experience for fans

A premier event by Insomniac is the EDC (Electric Daisy Festival) in Las Vegas, which attracts over half a million fans in a span of three days. The focus is on EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and EDC will be the first festival organized by Insomniac in the Metaverse created by Unity. According to Moore, Unity will help create a metaverse not just for EDC, but for future concerts and events as well.

The partnership between Unity and Insomniac is expected to create a new Insomniac experience for fans across the world. The two companies intend to immerse fans in non-stop music and play combined with self-expression. The companies have promised an engaging and interactive experience as dance culture moves from the physical world into the virtual one.

With this partnership, Insomniac wishes to move to an anywhere-anytime form of entertainment format for it’s fans.

Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac Events said in a statement that the companies would create the world’s first experience for the community, to deliver the next level of Metaverse for entertainment and music.

Additionally, Moore said that the new partnership will enable fans to travel to a concert in any arena or stadium they wanted. He also mentioned that Unity was combining various technologies like greenscreen, volumetric capture and mixed reality in an effort to bring a level of interactive concert experience to life.

Based in Los Angeles, Insomniac was founded by Pasquale Rotella in 1993. Moore refers to Rotella as a leading and legendary icon in the world of EDM.

Moore also stated that although other options for concert experiences exist in the Metaverse for Fortnite and Roblox, Unity and Insomniac events are committed to creating their own virtual world for a concert experience.

Moore mentioned that Unity was committed to finding a balance between the comfort of fans experiencing the virtual world with their own friends, at the same time being surrounded by various unknown characters – very similar to a real-world live music concert. He also said that the marriage of friends and unknown characters happening simultaneously would be a fun experience for fans. Moore said that Unity viewed the opportunity to build and use their own platform, built internally by its team of over 1800 employees. The initiative will be an additional attempt by Unity to create a successful Metaverse for music fans around the world.

Moore envisions the new metaverse to be a wide-open world, hopefully much better than several past attempts at creating it.

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