New: Crypto industry to be revolutionized by TechPay with the fastest blockchain

Crypto disruptor TechPay launches fastest and most secure blockchain technology so far

Crypto industry to be revolutionized by TechPay with the fastest blockchain

Crypto industry to be revolutionized by TechPay with the fastest blockchain

TechPay, the fastest blockchain so far built for real-time crypto transactions, is capable of handling more than 300,000 transactions per second. TechPay allows users to access decentralization, security, and speed all at the same time, unlike any other player in the market. TechPay is also one of the first distributed ledger technology players in the industry that offers fast transactions in real-time and infinite scalability.

Techpay is changing the dynamics of the digital worlds by offering TechPay coin in industries ranging from telecommunication to logistics. The company facilitates ease of doing business with its Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. TechPay coin is emerging as the fastest, most secure and decentralized innovation in the crypto world of blockchain technology.

Crypto world’s fastest blockchain

TechPay has emerged as one of the fastest blockchains ever to exist, and manages to unlock power and efficiency for its users. TechPay offers a 1.15 transaction finality which successfully defeats the classic blockchain trilemma in which blockchains cannot avail decentralization, security and speed all at the same time, and that any one of these attributes has to be traded off in order to operate. Using DAG, TechPay has successfully incorporated all three attributes to the highest extent.

Co-founder of TechPay, Sumit Sharma, said that innovation translates to value, and the value of their technology would be immense in future. He also said that TechPay is the answer to the challenges the world had been facing with traditional Layer-1 blockchain technologies, especially the inability to scale. Sharma added that transaction processing can be expensive and time-consuming in times of increased demand. TechPay is the answer to these problems, he said, adding that he is confident that TechPay will become the crypto of choice in the near future.

There is however a constant demand for high-performing and efficient blockchain technology in the world today. TechPay Coin’s real-time transactions and minimal transaction fees provide the solution. TechPay Coin is also EVM Compatible and therefore supports smart contracts, NFTs and dApps to be built upon it. This utility will actively add to TechPay’s adoption, consequently increasing its demand and market value in the near future.

Blockchain is synonymous with security, and its architecture allows it to be practically unbreachable. But TechPay Coin offers 10 times more security than competing PoS chains. TechPay Coin successfully ran multiple tests that generated 500K+ blocks and validated 2.5 million+ transactions without a single transaction failure or reversal. In 2023, the team at TechPay is also planning to launch a blockchain-based payment gateway system that is expected to disrupt the crypto space and propel TechPay to the forefront of blockchain innovators.

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