2000 new e-scooters make Dubai roads safer and smarter

e-scooter regulations ensure safety for riders

2000 new e-scooters make Dubai roads safer and smarter

2000 new e-scooters make Dubai roads safer and smarter

As governments around the world seek new ways to improve the quality of life, without harming the environment, sustainable and smart are just two of the buzzwords that come to mind at the mention of scooter. Dubai’s urban transportation network has expanded and diversified in a glowing example of how to balance the two.

Dubai would be unimaginable without it’s metro, water taxis and public bus system. Last year alone, more than 460 million people used the public transportation system in Dubai.

E-scooters are the latest on the block in a steady, yet slow, embrace of carbon-friendly transport options. Starting this week, more than 2000 e-scooters will be available for rent across the city of Dubai, specifically for those who have a driving license or special permit. Authorities have announced that the vehicles will be allowed on cycling tracks in ten districts of Dubai.

The zones that have been identified are high-density zones, and also have an efficient public transportation network. The environmentally friendly vehicles have proven to be the best option in big cities like Dubai that wish to be bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has drawn up an extensive set of regulations to cater to use of this novel mode of transport, under Resolution Number 13 for 2022.

E-scooter laws ensure safety

According to the resolution laws, residents can ride e-scooters if they have a valid driving license. For those who do not have a valid driving license, a special permit is needed. Riders would be required to attend training courses, and also pass an online test to receive a permit. The authorities have also stipulated that these scooters should not be driven at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour.

E-scooters have proven to be accident prone when not used with care and expertise. Examples in the UK and the US where this mode of transport has been introduced are proof that use of e-scooters should be regulated for the broader welfare and safety of road users. Parking and maintenance are also covered under the new rules’ framework.

Earlier in Dubai, reckless riding of these scooters had caused fatal accidents, which led to authorities launching safety campaigns. These new rules stipulate that the scooters are not used by anyone under the age of 16, and wearing helmets while riding them is compulsory.

Despite all the safety measures put in place by the Dubai government, the onus for responsible operation of these scooters lies with the rider.

For short commutes and last-mile journeys, e-scooters have proven to be the most efficient mode of transport. This mode of transport is also personal and affordable. Not to forget that using these vehicles greatly reduces the carbon footprint. With the right training and regulations, this mode of transport promises to be a boon for short-distance travelers.

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