Amazon and the Metaverse: Augmented rooms in e-commerce, new in 2022

New technology to alter e-commerce globally

Amazon and the Metaverse: Augmented rooms in e-commerce, new in 2022

Amazon and the Metaverse: Augmented rooms in e-commerce, new in 2022

Amazon has launched Amazon View, an AR virtual room in the Metaverse that shows the basic architecture of your property in 3D. Amazon View is all set to alter the online shopping experience for consumers, enabling them to accurately swipe things in the virtual room.

Amazon View will assist consumers who require a review of the room’s aesthetics and architecture, or those who require a rapid interior design evaluation. Users of View can virtually decorate rooms before making a purchase. Amazon View functions as an extension of the Metaverse.

The new feature will allow users to see things in their house before buying them. One can check whether the chair is the proper size, or which side of the room the coffee table will complement. All one needs to do is take their phone and point the camera at the view they wish to examine. A real-time AR simulation will unfold on the screen of your phone.

The view in your room function is only available on iPhone 6S and later models running iOS 11.0 or later. The AR Core app for Android should be installed on the phone or tablet. Only Android 7.0 and newer are compatible with AR core.

To gain access to Amazon View, all one needs to do is launch the Amazon app on their phone, touch the camera symbol, and then select View in Your Room. This tool from Amazon lets users personalise and decorate their homes with literally thousands of options.

Amazon and The Metaverse Will Reshape E-Commerce Forever

Since the technology to purchase products via the internet was first introduced, there has been a divide between the actual and digital worlds.

While shopping in traditional offline brick and mortar establishments, customers are able to touch and try items before making an actual purchase. E-commerce has removed the necessity for physical contact, and offers unmatched convenience, accessibility and speed to the consumer.

In the Metaverse, these hitherto separate worlds of commerce converge and combine to alter the face of e-commerce with an unparalleled user experience.

In the metaverse, the very early stages of e-commerce are already here.

Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world has already integrated early-stage versions of the Metaverse into their marketplace. The company’s latest AR shopping product, Room Decorator, allows the user to visualise home decor in their own environment, using their phone or tablet. One can also save AR images of their room for later viewing.

Warby Parker offers a virtual try-on software that allows you to try on all of the spectacle frames in the company’s collection before purchasing. This will enable you to buy its products online without taking a chance on the product’s suitability for your face.

The evolution of the Metaverse is expected to take shape over the next decade, and will undoubtedly change the face of e-commerce as we know it.

In this next frontier of business, the companies who start their metaverse travels now will be ahead of the herd

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