New EdTech startup STEMuli raises USD3.25M to transform learning with Educational Metaverse

First of a kind 3D game-based learning system increases student engagement

New EdTech startup STEMuli raises USD3.25M to transform learning with Educational Metaverse

New EdTech startup STEMuli raises USD3.25M to transform learning with Educational Metaverse

STEMuli, a Web3 based education startup, has announced that it has received USD3.25 million in seed funding co-led by Valor Ventures and Slauson & Co, which also saw participation from Draper Associates. STEMuli is a minority and women-owned startup in the education sector, based in Dallas.

The company has created an Educational Metaverse that introduces one-of-a-kind 3D game-based learning to the core classroom. In the digital world, STEMuli connects companies to a future workforce of K-12 students, and hopes to narrow the employment and achievement gap for users. The education Metaverse was launched in the Dallas Independent School District, and the funds raised will be utilised to expand the company’s reach to Washington DC, New York, California, Illinois and Georgia.

.Taylor Shead, Founder and CEO of STEMuli said that the company was bringing technology to urban school districts in the country, where majority of the students were economically disadvantaged. She said the vision of the company was to improve learning outcomes  by  providing all students with a learning experience that competes with their favourite video game. 

STEMuli incorporates latest technology to accelerate learning

She further added that the education Metaverse comprises the STEMuli Navigator, which ensures that students reach their destination every time, acting as a GPS for learning. Shead also mentioned that the company is pioneering a learn-to-earn model designed to increase engagement, and will also utilise artificial intelligence to improve productivity of teachers. She said that the Metaverse was a game-changer for students and teachers.

Taylor Shead is one of less than 100 black women to raise more than USD 1 million, in a sector where black women receive less than 0.3 percent of total venture capital investments. Last year, the company was named the STOP award’s most transformative app for students by Forbes and the Centre for Education Reform. Taylor’s aim is to see young girls from around the world to look at her and feel that they too can achieve what she has.

Dallas Independent School District is the second largest school district in Texas, and has been the base for STEMuli since the year 2016. Students from Dallas Hybrid Prep, where the education Metaverse wa sco-designed, are achieving more in test scores than the rest of the district. 

Taylor said that the investment raised would increase performance results worldwide, and make quality education a basic human right for all.

Managing Partner of Slauson & Co, Austin Clements, said that although the world has seen accelerated adoption of digital platforms in the education sector, this is the first time where a company has built a Metaverse which enables student learning. Clements also said that they were excited to see the venture expand to other areas in the country.

Renee Montgomery, WNBA Champion, Co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, and General Partner at Valor Ventures, who has also joined STEMuli’s board of directors, said that the initiative by STEMuli was a pioneering venture in the learning space.

Tim Draper of Draper Associates said that STEMuli was reimagining education by integrating classrooms with the Metaverse, and his company was thrilled to be part of the endeavour.


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