Egypt’s Communication Ministry launches new Ashbal Misr Digital Initiative for 2022

Initiative to target 3000 top-performing students across the country

Egypt’s Communication Ministry launches new Ashbal Misr Digital Initiative for 2022

Egypt’s Communication Ministry launches new Ashbal Misr Digital Initiative for 2022

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt has launched the Ashbal Misr Digital Initiative, a free grant aimed at enhancing IT skills for top-performing students.

The initiative is targeted at students in all schools across the country, from grade 7, right up to grade 11 in an effort to prepare the next generation of citizens to explore new vistas in Communications and Information Technology. The effort is a giant step towards achieving Egypt’s digital vision.

The initiative has been launched in conjunction with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directive to harness digital transformation in Egypt. The Ministry will implement the initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Egypt to equip students for the digital age

Aimed at developing the technology skills of three thousand top-performing students across the country, the initiative will cooperate with specialized authorities in a wide range of technological sciences. In addition, the initiative will develop personal and leadership abilities of the students.

Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology said that the Ashbal Misr Digital initiative is well within the ministry’s strategy to develop digital capabilities that will be implemented utilizing a multi-level hierarchy method.

The Minister also said that the initiative was integrated with the other initiatives launched by the Ministry to equip young people with the expertise to stay abreast of all developments in the digital world.

Students selected in the initiative can develop their technological skills by enrolling in a foundation programme that will teach the basic tools of modern technology. After the foundation course, students can then enroll in a specialized track of their choosing.

Specialization tracks available include digital arts, securing networks, software development, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. In addition to these courses, students will be trained in personal development and leadership skills which include communication, teamwork, time management, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

The Ashbal Misr Initiative combines practical and scientific study at the same time, with 75 percent of the training available online and the remaining 25 percent imparted at various government centers. The training schedules will not clash with normal study timings of schools in the country.

The initiative will also present prizes for top-performing students at the end of each academic year in addition to granting successful students certificates accredited by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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