Zoho signs 2022 MoU with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai

MoU will enable students to use low-code platform to develop applications

Zoho signs 2022 MoU with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai

Zoho signs 2022 MoU with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai

Zoho Corporation has signed an MoU with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai to facilitate knowledge transfer and hands-on training to the Academy’s developer community.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities was signed by Dr. S.K. Pandey, Chairperson, School of Engineering and IT, MAHE, Dubai and Ali Shabdar, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Zoho Corp.

The agreement was signed with the intention of empowering future developers and IT professionals in Dubai by integrating professional experience with academic learning. Under the new MoU, Zoho will facilitate undergraduates in transforming their ideas into real-life deployable solutions with the help of its low-code app development platform, Creator.

Zoho to provide competitive edge to students

Shabdar said that the company is happy to partner with MAHE, Dubai to promote the collaboration between industry and academia, along with innovation and knowledge sharing as part of its strategy to work with local communities. He added that with this partnership, the company aims to build future IT leaders and developers in Dubai by honing their creative and problem-solving skills with the aid of technology. He further said that by adopting low-code technology, students will be able to gain experience in app development from Zoho’s experts, thereby gaining a competitive edge while entering the job market.

According to research by Gartner Group, apps developed using low-code development tools will account for more than 65 percent of global app development by 2024.

Academic President for MAHE, Dubai, Dr Jason Fitzsimmons, stated that the Academy was looking at a long-term partnership with Zoho, which will provide students the opportunity to experience and learn a wide range of innovative technology products. He also said that through the partnership with Zoho, students will be able to share ideas and work on the Creatr portal to develop apps. He added that the partnership presented students with a brilliant opportunity to learn from industry experts and upgrade their skills for enhanced career growth.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai has opened registration to undergraduate students of the Academy to submit ideas for digital solutions to existing challenges. Shortlisted candidates will ba able to gain full access to the platform to transform their ideas into reality.

In collaboration with MAHE, Dubai, Zoho Corp co-hosted the first on-campus training session in which students participated in interactive sessions and workshops that demonstrated use-case examples, and were offered guidance needed to help them launch their projects.

Zoho Creator is a low-code app development solution that enables business users, developers and others to build, deploy, analyse and manage custom solutions without any prior coding knowledge.


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