Property Monitor partners with Holo to bring new innovation in mortgage in 2022

The new partnership will mark a distinct enhancement to the digital mortgage journey

Property Monitor partners with Holo to bring new innovation in mortgage in 2022

Property Monitor partners with Holo to bring new innovation in mortgage in 2022

Property Monitor, the market leading provider of real estate data intelligence, has tied up with Holo, UAE’s specialists in online mortgage brokerage, to offer users the ability to search residential sales and leasing transactions, off-plan sales, and valuation data as well as their professional opinion on attainable prices across major areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The new partnership will mark a distinguished enhancement to the digital mortgage journey as it will allow Holo customers to Benefit from valCheck – Property Monitor’s newly released automated valuation model (AVM), which allows customers to make more informed decisions and accelerates the mortgage application process.

Zhann Jochinke, Chief Operating Officer at Property Monitor said that they are thrilled to be partnering with Holo on the integration of the AVM with their platform. This would provide homebuyers with a rapid, data-driven, and balanced estimate of a property’s value at the initial stages of the mortgage application process. He further added that this tool is assisting Holo’s mortgage experts to find the right product for their clients in the shortest possible time. He stated that the company looks forward to partnering with Holo on further innovation soon.

Real value-add to Holo clients

Holo CEO Michael Hunter said that integrating the Property Monitor AVM across their platforms will deliver a real value-add for their clients, allowing them the ability to check property prices before committing a purchase, safeguarding them against valuations which could be lower than anticipated, thus resulting in potentially losing their deposit on a home.

He further said that the AVM also allows home buyers to be in a stronger position to better negotiate the purchase price or accept bridging the gap with the purchase price, by committing to a higher down payment. The positive aspect of using this advanced technology will ensure a considerable reduction in resubmissions for both lender and client equally. This would result in an increased accuracy which will drive efficiency in the mortgage journey as never before.

valCheck was intended to provide quick, dependable, and cost-effective information to homebuyers as well as offer a quality check on submissions to lenders. Furthermore, it will help accelerate approvals with precision when completing fact findings and applying for mortgages and eventually assisting to improve the mortgage journey.

About Property Monitor

Property Monitor is Dubai’s leading real estate intelligence platform and the only data source powered by RICS-accredited professionals, bringing exceptional transparency and accuracy to local property markets. Through Property Monitor, market investors can directly access real-time, transparent, and accurate intelligence, unsurpassed anywhere else in the region. The platform enables investors, property specialists and banking professionals with authoritative data, analytics and insights that intricately connect with market movements, and informed property-related decisions.

Property Monitor extends complete house price data, both public and proprietary, better than any other company in the market. They source their data from the UAE’s leading valuation companies and from a growing network of dependable real estate brokers who provide data to them entirely.

Their data and insights are available to the market in a fast-growing set of products and solutions, online and offline, out-of-the-box and customisable.

About Holo

Holo brings the UAE Mortgage market into the 21st century. Holo recommends the best mortgage possible. Using a unique combination of innovative technology and experienced mortgage experts, UAE homeowners can, for the first time, be sure that they are getting the best deal for themselves.

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