QIIB – Best Credit Card Offerings in Qatar

QIIB provides a hands-on and guided approach to banking, wherein consumers can make the most and benefit from the firm’s services

QIIB – Best Credit Card Offerings in Qatar

QIIB – Best Credit Card Offerings in Qatar

QIIB is a privately possessed Islamic bank in the State of Qatar delivering private and corporate Islamic banking solutions. Conceived in 1991, QIIB preserves its Qatari legacy and morale. The firm’s pleasant attitude and a personal approach are several reasons its consumers prioritise QIIB as a banking partner for their personal and business requirements.

The inception of QIIB rested on three main pillars – trust, family, and commitment. At present, the firm strives to augment these pillars resonating with the requirements of its maturing consumer base. Moreover, the firm’s state-of-the-art approach to Islamic banking allows it to subsidise the enhancing demand in the market with Shariah-compliant products that meet the expectations of all its clientele.

Modern banking is transforming. QIIB is changing how it collaborates with its consumers to deliver to the progressing environment. The firm’s team strives to provide pioneering, innovative banking services augmented with consumers’ needs in mind. QIIB Mobile Banking, QIIB Internet Banking, and QIIB Phone Banking are elite services available to all its consumers to facilitate effective transactional banking and seamlessly provide account information.

Parallelly, QIIB provides a hands-on and guided approach to banking, wherein consumers can make the most and benefit from the firm’s services. Moreover, the firm constantly serves its consumers via branches spread across Qatar due to its convenience.

The Qatar Central Bank regulates QIIB. International rating agencies highly rate the latter for its fiscal solidity and outlook. Therefore, QIIB strives to work within the regional and international standards to facilitate the best Shariah-compliant deposit, insurance, and finance products for its clientele.

QIIB Credit Card Offerings

QIIB has accomplished a colossal leap in card products – specifically credit cards and profited from the trust of an array of consumers. In 2021, QIIB released numerous offers for credit card holders, which were met with an overwhelming response and extensive satisfaction. 

QIIB’s emerging strategy with consumer-centric offers and products delivered positive refraction in an augmented demand for such cards. In addition, consumers showcased enhanced trust in the credit card product as a peaceful and adequate means of payment, both nationally and internationally.

Besides being a payment medium for commodities, QIIB credit cards offer an added value, reflected in the array of benefits and amenities available to consumers once they acquire their credit cards.

The firm offers MasterCard – Platinum, Platinum, Defaya – Signature, and Wajaha – Infinite credit cards.

Chief Benefits of QIIB Credit Cards include:

  1. Minimum 5% monthly payment of the outstanding amount
  2. Merely 1% finance monthly profit rate
  3. Unrestricted SMS notifications
  4. Consumers can transfer QIIB Points to over 900 airlines across the world
  5. Insurance coverage
  6. International reception of the QIIB Credit Card

Holders of the Defaya – Signature and Wajaha – Infinite credit cards enjoy additional benefits of discounts from 5-star hotels, travel purchases, specific top beauty and health products, and elite shopping destinations. Holders may also access visa luxury hotel collections, multi-trip insurance options, and year-round purchase protection. 

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