Clave unveils its new app to redefine Latin American consumer lending in 2022

Clave propels innovation and inclusion in personal finance with app release in Argentina and Colombia

Clave unveils its new app to redefine Latin American consumer lending in 2022

Clave unveils its new app to redefine Latin American consumer lending in 2022

Clave, a leading consumer Fintech lending company in Latin America, unveiled its application offering users personal mortgages, payments, transfers, a prepaid Mastercard and an enhanced blockchain portal with a token-based loyalty reward. The firm is propelling innovation and inclusion in personal investment, from Latin America to the metaverse.

The new app is accessible in Argentina, with a full introduction in Columbia scheduled later this year. Users acquire a prepaid card when they register on the app, and would also receive the virtual Clave MasterCard Prepaid card, which one can use immediately. Customers receive a digital Mastercard at no cost, and the card can be used to make national and international purchases online or in participating establishments. Unaccustomed users will also receive tokens that can be swapped for discounts and other benefits within the apps merchant network.

Payments that are made on the app are usually credited immediately, though some commercial enterprises can take up to 48 hours. When a user registers on the app, they would receive 2000 Clave tokens as a reward that would be automatically credited in the Community wallet.

The Chief Executive Officer at Clave, Pablo Pizzimbono referring to his excitement at launching the app mentioned that the app offers a simple and intuitive experience that empowers their users by extending them genuine financial inclusion.

Clave’s App announcement exemplifies a further milestone in the company’s growth. The company raised more than USD 6 million in a seed round from prestigious institutions and various venture capitalists, administered public debt exits with AA+ ratings, and partnered with aristocrats and global financial institutions in the year 2021. An expert executive team leads the company with extensive experience in finance and technology.

About Clave

Clave is an American technology company providing users with a digital wallet to access simple, intuitive, and secure solutions to traditional financial services that include credit, payments, and transfers. The company offers its users two platforms: CLAVE App for financial services, and Community Wallet for products derived from the Blockchain. It provides a gateway to a new era of financial products based on blockchain technology. Clave represents the latest financial network that eliminates the barriers between emerging consumer products and traditional finance built on blockchain, unleashing the ability of modern innovative technologies and redefining financial inclusion.

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