GrubTech, Geidea partner to offer e-payment solutions for restaurants, cloud kitchens in Egypt, a new 2022 initiative

This collaboration avails an added value for GrubTech’s clients in the Egyptian market

GrubTech, Geidea partner to offer e-payment solutions for restaurants, cloud kitchens in Egypt, a new 2022 initiative

GrubTech, Geidea partner to offer e-payment solutions for restaurants, cloud kitchens in Egypt, a new 2022 initiative

GrubTech, an end-to end operating system for restaurants and cloud kitchens in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement with Geidea, the leading payment solutions provider offering digital banking technology based in Riyadh to deliver its services for the Point-of-Sale payments (PoSs) of GrubTech’s clients. This collaboration would avail value-added benefits and new advantages for GrubTech’s clients in the Egyptian market.

GrubTech’s Country Manager for Egypt Osama Harfoush, and Head of Commercials and operations at Geidea Ahmed Magdy signed the agreement in the presence of GrubTech’s CEO and co-founder Mohamed Al-Fayed, the General Manager of Geidea in Egypt Ahmed Nader, and the Commercial Director of GrubTech in Egypt, Ahmed Walid.

Grubtech is a platform that offers tech solutions to operate cloud kitchens and restaurants that facilitates them to automate their enterprises and manage the food delivery process online, founded in 2019. The company also offers sales and marketing solutions, as well as in-depth analyses of restaurants data, which contribute to accelerating their work and reducing their costs.

Geidea is currently the most preferential choice for merchants in the Egyptian market who seeks to hold on the fastest and easiest e-payment solutions.

For the first time in the local market, Geidea is offering unique and integrated services that qualify it to acquire a huge market share of the e-payments industry in Egypt.

Noting on the signing, Al-Fayed stated that this agreement is a part of the company’s strategy to expand in creating grand commercial partnerships with major strategic participants in the food and beverages (F&B) market in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.

Al-Fayed further added that this cooperation would initially come into effect in Egypt and then other countries that GrubTech operates comprising MENA, Asia, and the rest of Africa.

Harfoush stated his delight for inking the agreement, asserting that it represents a significant step in terms of GrubTech’s plan to build a system that integrates with its objectives to create a platform that contains all solutions restaurants and cafes in the local market need.

The GrubTech’s dedicated innovation

The tech solutions GrubTech offers benefit its clients by simplifying transactions and adopting digital transformation policies that are being implemented globally to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals by 2030, he stated.

Additionally, Nader said that he is delighted with the partnership with GrubTech, given that it is one of the leading tech-solutions providers, as well as a designer of cloud kitchens and restaurant management systems.

This agreement is crucial for Geidea to expand in the F&B market that is expanding swiftly in Egypt. It will also facilitate cafes and restaurant owners to operate more effectively whilst delivering an improved experience in terms of online food delivery. Besides, it would help business owners to boost their sales by employing assorted trademarks through a single window in an effortless manner, Nader said.

Magdy stated that Gidea’s vision is to offer all merchants and business owners with innovative payment solutions that assist grow their businesses and facilitate their management.

By working in partnership with GrubTech, the company target expanding their operations in the F&B sector by presenting innovative e-payment solutions. The cloud kitchens and restaurants sectors are rapidly growing in Egypt due to the accelerating digital transformation, which provides them a significant opportunity to provide an all-in-one operating system that facilitates the process for their clients, Magdy said.

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