Dubai set to host world’s new biggest gathering of futurists for forum at Museum of the Future in 2022

Four themes to explore how to prevail over climate crunch and soaring energy prices, amongst other key issues

The world’s biggest gathering of futurists for forum at Museum of the Future to be hosted by the Emirate of Dubai in 2022

The world’s biggest gathering of futurists for forum at Museum of the Future to be hosted by the Emirate of Dubai in 2022

Dubai is set to host four hundred futurists in October to decode what the future of humanity might seem like through key areas, from the climate crisis to the constant development of artificial intelligence. The inaugural Dubai Future Forum on October 10-12 will find the world’s leading innovators and experts assemble at the Museum of the Future to discuss, debate, and predict the future course of the planet.

The forum would host thirty sessions, involving live debates and panel discussions on topics that consist of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), connecting the digital division, the readiness of hydrogen to take charge of the energy mantle from oil and gas, interplanetary establishment, and a future climate scenario where the 2°C global warming threshold is infiltrated.

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, said that the Dubai Future Forum signifies a substantial levelling-up of their efforts to predict the future. The global platform in Dubai would host futurists and the world’s brightest minds to foresee the prospects and challenges set to shape the civilizations. It would explore how people would be able to harness evolving technologies and deploy Fourth Industrial Revolution tools to transform challenges into prospects.

Belhoul further stated that the human knowledge is expanding, and technological innovation is accelerating at a rapid pace. Subsequently, people would no longer witnesses to change, people are the drivers of change. Individuals ought to be prepared to implement skills and technologies to serve society and enhance quality of life for everyone.

Key themes at the Dubai forum sessions

With organizing more than forty-five companies, the forum’s sessions would focus on four main themes.

Each theme would explore how humanity and technology can come up collectively to overcome several overly critical crises confronting the world right now, from the climate crisis to rising energy prices and continuing vulnerabilities in international public healthcare infrastructure.

Abdulaziz AlJaziri, deputy CEO and chief operations officer of Dubai Future Foundation, said that as several existential threats mount, Dubai Future Forum’s discussions would focus on transforming these challenges into prospects.

AlJaziri added that the forum would encourage an unconventional view on future sectors that would impact the economies, governments, and everyday natural lives. The forum aims to achieve gigantic leaps in the future, by employing foresight and future-planning. That is where the Dubai Future Forum would bring about remarkable value in assisting to shape the future of humanity.

Future of the World

This theme would explore the highly substantial transformations facing individuals, societies, and governments, and what they derive for the future decades from today.

Through these sessions, panellists would be invited to discuss space migration and the potential for humans to develop an interplanetary civilisation, the budding digital division between the associated, distinct, and under-associated, and whether it may be shortly to inhabit an accurately digital authenticity.

Mitigating existential risk

Sessions under this theme would seek to answer the question: How do the sessions develop meaningful and impactful foresight practices? The sessions will dive into exactly how foresight as a discipline and practice is advancing, and how it can help us focus on the prospects and risks facing them.

What does it represent to be Human?

Sessions will invite industry specialists to discover the impact of technological innovations and developments on their specific sectors and industries, as well as trade, energy, and industrial manufacturing.

Hedging the forum’s Bets through Foresight

A series of workshops will be held by the participating futurists, which will see them examine the impact of paradigm alterations on humanity, in particular the cumulative integration of technology in the daily lives and across communities, laterally with the plethora of ethical implications it carries beside the situation.

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