AirSial gets approval to start international flights

AirSial obtains licence to start flights for the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, and Iran

AirSial gets approval to start international flights

AirSial gets approval to start international flights

AirSial has become the third private airline in Pakistan to start international flights as it secured licence to begin service in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran, its top official said. The first international flight is expected to take to the air in October this year.

Fazal Jillani, chairman, AirSial Limited, said the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority awarded an international licence to the airline and it will shortly begin flights to the Middle East countries.

Present at a grand ceremony in Sialkot to commend the civil rights to join the international market Jillani said that that the Civil Aviation Authority had issued a formal permit to the AirSial airline. The airline is set to start flights to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, and Iran.

On Thursday, the federal cabinet gave AirSial authorization to begin its international flights.

Jillani addressing the guests at the event added that the airline is grateful to the civil aviation for awarding formal approval for international flights and the team is striving to further improve the quality of the airline service.

AirSial will be the third Pakistani airline to start international flights after the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC), one of the largest private carriers Airblue Limited.

The Sialkot-based airline, which is expected to launch its first international flight in early October, was obligated to have at least five airworthy aircraft, either to purchase or get them on dry leas, to start flights on international routes. The airline will also need to ensure satisfactory operations on primary and socio-economic routes.

About AirSial

AirSial Limited is headquartered in Sialkot Pakistan. To make another success story the airline is taking on the leadership from the remarkable accomplishment of the Sialkot International Airport Ltd. (SIAL), the members of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry envisioned the AirSial project in August 2015.

AirSial Limited is a licenced airline to deliver scheduled passenger and cargo services in domestic and international markets. The airline is committed to offer services based on finest safety and operational practices together with an approach infused with hospitality and service requirements par excellence. The airline is aiming to bring in real value to the market and eventually grow to be a game changer in the airline industry.

The people of Sialkot who are part of the celebrated Golden Triangle are all set to be part of another triangle, the Silver Triangle whose lines are formed by the SCCI, Sial and AirSial.

The airline’s vision is to be the pride of Pakistan and grow to be the leading airline of the region. The motto of this new Silver Triangle – ‘Let’s touch the sky together.’

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