Amazon UAE welcomes a group of new Emirati hires, with robust Emirati women representation

The company reinforces commitment to the UAE Emiratisation strategy and ongoing diversity efforts

Amazon UAE welcomes a group of new Emirati hires, with robust Emirati women representation

Amazon UAE welcomes a group of new Emirati hires, with robust Emirati women representation

Amazon UAE welcomed a group of new Emirati hires, with several of these positions filled by Emirati women. Amazon announces the new hires at the time of the Emirati Women’s Day which intends to commemorate the aspirations and triumphs of women in the UAE. The new hires emphasise contribute towards Amazon’s objective of being the ‘Earth’s best employer’ on the side of the UAE’s national Emiratisation plan its enduring commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Amazon’s presence in the UAE is powered by an amalgamation of innovative technology, advanced fulfilment network, transportation services, highly skilled employees, and partners. In July this year, the company opened its largest delivery station in Abu Dhabi, bringing advanced last-mile delivery technology to the capital and offering the convenience of same-day and one-day deliveries to consumers. With a robust fulfilment network, eight delivery stations and a network of Delivery Service Partners across the United Arab Emirates, Amazon continues to build and scale its operations in the UAE, while concentrating on the safety, well-being, and career advancement of its work forces.

Amazon continues to re-skill, and upskill women in a diverse variety of responsibilities

Amazon continues to invest in UAE talent through reskilling, and upskilling its workforce, empowering them to advance their vocations in one of the region’s fastest expanding businesses. The company has Emirati hires across multiple functions in its organization covering Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Immigration, Administration, Operations, Retail, and Marketing.

Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President, Middle East, and North Africa (MENA), Amazon, said that the team is grateful to live in a country where there are numerous impactful national and corporate initiatives to drive transformation and make sustainable deep-rooted influence. The company consider that diversity divulges varied perspectives, enabling them to innovate and serve the evolving needs of their customers. With Emirati Women’s Day also being commemorated this week, and their enduring commitment to diversity. The team is gratified to realise several Emirati women take on roles within Amazon. The company look onward to seeing what the future has in store as they continue to build it concurrently.

Noof Alsayed, Marketplace Account Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Amazon, noted, while he has always been intrigued by the variety of responsibilities offered by Amazon, most women are not aware of the breadth of opportunities available within the company. Alsayed added that he is proud to represent Emirati women in such a fast-growing sector and thank the UAE government for driving this vision to ensure growth of their talent and is waiting to begin the subsequent phase of his career and further explore the infinite possibilities that Amazon presents.

Sara Alsawalhi, Financial Analyst, Middle East and North Africa, Amazon, added that she is proud to have joined a company that strives to be Earth’s best employer by establishing a safer, more diverse, and more productive work environment. UAE is making significant development at several stages to empower women. Alsawalhi said that she is appreciative for the flexibility and exceptional working environments the company extends and would encourage any woman who is interested in a fulfilling career with prospects for growth to explore opportunities with the company.

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