Eternal Robotics unveils Smart Eyes, a new AI surveillance, and inspection service

Smart Eyes optimizes quality inspection and monitoring facilities by leveraging inventive expertise

Eternal Robotics unveils Smart Eyes, an AI surveillance, and inspection service

Eternal Robotics unveils Smart Eyes, an AI surveillance, and inspection service

Eternal Robotics belongs to Mojay Global Holding, which seeks out disruptive modern technology

Eternal Robotics, a technology business focused on automation with technology has launched a brand-new AI-driven solution designed to enhance numerous business operations, entailing world-class quality inspection, surveillance, as well as activity acknowledgment systems. The pioneering business belongs to the UAE-based Mojay Global Holding, which seeks out disruptive modern technology for financial investment and growth prospects.

Smart Eyes, Eternal Robotics’ SaaS solution can keep a track of employee attire and grooming compliance, a significant operational function in specialized sectors, such as hospitality, construction, luxury mobility, the airlines, and as well as the manufacturing sector. It offers businesses a transparent, digitized, and computerized option to human evaluation facilities, which can be incompatible and expensive.

Smart Eyes, Eternal Robotics makes use of AI to recognize, track as well to monitor the workforce

With uniform inspections, Smart Eyes detects any deviation, no matter how minor, such as an inaccurately knitted attachment, lack of security specifications, and protective apparatus, unapproved usage of cellular phones as well as a lot varying upon the event. The application makes use of AI to recognize, track as well to monitor the workforce through numerous sectors such as movement, friendliness, retail, center monitoring, manufacture, pharmaceutical, life science research as well as auto solutions compatible with existing camera surveillance techniques.

Besides, the system is simple to execute, necessitating only two to four weeks to become completely functional. Businesses can prefer and customize the solution for the extremely crucial aspects of the industry to be monitored and described on through comprehensive astute examination dashboards.

Luxury chauffeur service PREIMO Urban Mobility, a newly adopted Smart Eyes to examine the chauffeur’s attires. The application’s AI recognized occurrences where attires did not fulfill company regulations and assisted the organization to restructure surveillance, attendance, and conformity of the drivers. PREIMO also achieved significant automated insights into its operations and real-time updates involving employee compliance (which were not subjective as they could be when delegated). In general, the company stated a 70% decline in quality inspection costs, conserving a considerable extent in operational expenditures. The business also experienced enhanced compliance of staff with the standards, which caused noteworthy development in consistency and customer fulfillment.

Raul Silva, CEO OF Mojay Global Holdings noted the efficiency of Smart Eyes, stating Mojay is a pioneering company that is disrupting the industry with new AI-driven solutions. The new automation system is a distinctive solution for modernizing business operations, involving surveillance, inspection, and action recognition systems. Eternal Robotics has remarkably demonstrated itself to be at the vanguard of AI within the region and the team is looking ahead to watching it expand within the region and on a global scale

Srikar Reddy, Founder & Director of Eternal Robotics, stated that the company’s Vision stack is extremely accurate, and is adding multiple libraries continuously to fulfill the expanding requirements of their clients. Eternal Robotics specializes in delivering AI software that operates on existing camera infrastructure which eliminates ROI burdens. The company’s expertise with hardware engineering also permits them to integrate entirely customized AI Vision stations varying on their client requirements.

Mojay Global Holding Limited’s other technology ventures consist of the award-winning MYRO, the earth’s initial smart construction wall painting robot to be unveiled commercially. The business embraces innovative projects, industry opportunities, and resourceful entrepreneurs who presume to challenge the current status quo and support innovative technology incorporating brand new and greater principles in numerous, diverse industries.

About Mojay Global Holding Limited

Mojay Global Holding Limited was launched in 2020, a value-driven diverse organization created to ​​invest, advise, and manage businesses with accelerated growth potential as well as nurture new investment opportunities., the organization’s expertise spans industries including Technology, Robotics and AI, Mobility, FMCG, Real Estate, Financial Assets, and Fintech.

Headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as a Private Investment Holding Company, Eternal Robotics (ER) was acquired by Mojay Group in August 2019. ER is a technology-driven business that offers a wide range of engineering services, and software and product development solutions across multiple technologies such as Robotics, AI, and Automation. From construction to agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and logistics, and the prospects for productivity growth are infinite.

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