Sandbox acquires toucanBox, an UK-based subscription service to strengthen its learning range

toucanBox will be joining its new division 'Sandbox experiences'

Sandbox acquires toucanBox, an UK-based subscription service to strengthen its learning range.

Sandbox acquires toucanBox, an UK-based subscription service to strengthen its learning range.

Sandbox announces its acquisition of the award-winning UK subscription service toucanBox which engages in the development of children’s key skills.

Sandbox announces its acquisition of the award-winning UK subscription service toucanBox, which provides fun educational opportunities for children from the ages of 3 to 8 years. The acquisition will see the joining of a new division ‘Sandbox experiences’. toucanBox is based on Montessori learning and gaining expertise in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and delivers craft, art, and activities that engage in developing children’s key skills including language and intellectual development, motor skills, and mental happiness.

toucanBox is available on buying it now or subscription basis, where the customers receive custom-made boxes posted through the letter box. It helps in the cognitive development of the child by engaging them in interactive games, dress-up, role-play, and toys. Sandbox CEO Bhav Singh, states that the acquisition complements the firm’s exciting hand on educational tools and adds that the firm focuses on creating an educational and fun-filled experience for its users, and this new acquisition will make the users engaged and gratified. Sandbox experiences will be the new division toucanBox joins that presently includes a Brazilian children’s book club Leiturinha.

Leiturinha is the largest book subscription club in Brazil. The club aims to enhance the curiosity in child minds by boosting and transforming their reading habits and providing quality family moments.  The books created for children are curated by a group of expert content teams that includes specialists in the field of pedagogy, psychology, child development, Philosophy, and communication.

Leiturinha is part of Playkids, which is one of the global leaders in creating children’s educational content. They focus on transforming the world through literature and technology through fun-filled activities and educational ways. By stimulating imagination, Leiturinha helps the child to improve and expand their vocabulary.   Sandbox Experiences’ lead, Guilherme Martins aims to roll out new products in new markets including Europe and USA.

Guilherme Martins states that the organization aims to create a fun-filled experience for children aged 0 to 12 around the world and toucanBox becomes a perfect extension to the company’s existing services and the current collaboration aids in the development of much more engaging educational opportunities that will assist in improving the reading habits across the world.

Sandbox helps their firm to grow and assists the children in unleashing their potential and creativity as toucanBox focuses on learning through hands-on and fun activities, says Virginie Charles-Dear, Founder and CEO of toucanBox. She also states that the firm is also looking forward to expanding its product range and reaching more families in Europe and around the world.

The toucanBox contains various craft activities that include materials and instructions that are easy to follow for hands-on creative play. The box will be personalized featuring the child’s name on the front making the experience much more interesting. The box also contains magazines that are packed with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) inspired activities that include recipes, puzzles, experiments, games and so much more.

Sandbox has seen exceptional growth in the previous years and its award-winning properties include Code Kingdoms, which is an online coding course for kids. Code Kingdoms is curated for children aged 8 to 14 that helps the children to learn to code with interactive game creation courses. The program offers easy-to-follow videos that educate the children on coding through a step-by-step process, helping them to build, publish and share the games.

Hopster is a preschool learning platform of the sandbox that contains hundreds of diverse, educational, and fun shows that balance numeracy, literacy, and social and emotional learning that is curated with the Early Years National Curriculum. Along with Code Kingdoms and Hopster, the company’s other award-winning properties include Spanish companies Edujoy and Tellmewow.

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