Honeywell announces the deployment of its leading end-to-end team member and customer experiences to Tractor Supply Company

Honeywell’s CT40XP mobile computer and Operational Intelligence Professional cloud-based software is now equipped across Tractor Supply Company’s stores

Honeywell announces the deployment of its Industry-Leading End-To-End Team Member and Customer Experiences to Tractor Supply Company

Honeywell announces the deployment of its Industry-Leading End-To-End Team Member and Customer Experiences to Tractor Supply Company

Honeywell Technology provides Tractor Supply Company, the largest retailer in the United States, with technologies to simplify its operations and offer clients an accessible, end-to-end omnichannel experience. Honeywell’s CT40XP mobile computer and Operational Intelligence Professional cloud-based software is now equipped across Tractor Supply Company’s stores which aided in the increased adoption and productivity and the ability to focus on building relations with its customers thus falling in line with the company’s goals.

The rural lifestyle retailer offers a suitable, high-speed, and seamless experience for both team members and customers from receiving and fulfilling an online order, alerting the client about the order readiness for pickup, to processing the payment regardless of the customers’ location.

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology, Digital Commerce, and Strategy Officer at Tractor Supply, Robert Mills states that the firm is focusing on empowering its team members and improving their ease of work to give more attention to serving the customers and providing solutions to their queries in a more convenient way, and to attain this goal, the firm requires a technology platform that works efficiently like its team members.

Robert Mills added that Honeywell mobile devices have efficient features like enhanced durability, longer battery life, contactless payment for POS transactions, long-range scanning for inventory, and retail apps that assist in increasing productivity. All these features helped the firm to innovate and lead the retail industry in cutting-edge solutions that helped to improve the company’s momentum in a challenging retail environment.

Honeywell devices have features to check out customers on the spot which helped in reinventing the Tractor Supply’s Brick and Mortar checking out experience with a significant reduction in queues that also helps in increasing the speed of service to a great extent. The firm is also able to cut down the duration of an average propane refill by 93%, in 30 seconds to the earlier time of 7 minutes.

Taylor Smith, Chief Technology Officer for Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services states that Honeywell is aiming to empower the retail associate. The services that the company provides include a combination of scanners, mobile computers, and software they design all working together to provide quick and accurate service to the customer in front of them. Tractor Supply is a forerunner in retail’s digital transformation and uses technology to offer its customers a more harmonious and well-situated experience, says Taylor Smith. He further adds that the firm’s aim is to provide the services and software in a feasible manner and is pleased to partner with Tractor Supply to provide the best customer experience.

Deployment of Honeywell technology across Tractor Supply’s 2000 stores, has helped them to improve inventory accuracy, boost its well-acclaimed loyalty program, strengthen the team member efficiency, increase the speed of service and provide more attention to building customer relationships.

Tractor Supply selected Honeywell as its technology provider to look into employee demands for sturdy, high-performing, long-lasting equipment that could be utilized for multiple tasks and is easy to learn. Honeywell is also providing on-demand support to the retailer firm, which serves as a single point of contact for help desk support and current mobility device management.

Honeywell received the Service Partner of the Year award for 2022 for working with the Tractor Supply Team and supplier Verifone to implement the mobile device to store team members at its annual partnership conference.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software, and connected solutions that improve productivity, asset performance, and workplace safety for the company’s customers across the globe. The firm gives its primary importance to delivering this promise through software, industry-leading mobile devices, cloud technology, and automation solutions, providing a wide range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology along with custom-engineered switches, sensors, and controls.

Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services develops and deploys an advanced range of solutions, services, and software that helps to keep workplaces safer and more productive along with making supply chains and assets more reliable, efficient, and accurate.

About Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company that invents and manufactures technology to address challenges like security, safety, and energy. The firm delivers industry-specific solutions that include control technologies for buildings and industry; aerospace products and services; and performance materials globally. The firm’s technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make the world safer and more sustainable. The company employs around 110,000 workers across the globe and includes more than 19,000 scientists and engineers.


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