Udrive unveils ‘Udrive car rental stations’ in collaboration with DWTC to provide exclusive mobility in the region

The strategic agreement authorized with DWTC, One Central, and ibis One Central will offer the world’s first region-exclusive on-demand car-sharing experience to UAE passengers

Udrive unveils ‘Udrive car rental stations’ in collaboration with DWTC to provide exclusive mobility in the region

Udrive unveils ‘Udrive car rental stations’ in collaboration with DWTC to provide exclusive mobility in the region

Udrive,the first car-sharing provider in the Middle East that provides car rental by the minute, today announced the unveiling of ‘Udrive stations’, the world’s first region-exclusive car rental station. The platform was unveiled in partnership with Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), One Central, and ibis One Central, to provide exclusive mobility to its users in the region. Udrive stations offer exclusive cars to users ensuring availability on-demand. The stations are only accessible to users of select communities and are geofences that have been integrated into the proprietary technology infrastructure of Udrive.

Cars rented can be collected from any of the UDrive stations and dropped back at any of the compatible stations. Users can also avail of pricing models, personalized messaging, and preferred vehicle preferences. The stations will make the car rental market more convenient and accessible for tourists and residents looking for a harmonious solution.

Udrive Stations has been unveiled in DWTC and will have two stations in the region, one near the World Trade Centre Residence and one more near the business hub One Central, strategically encompassing both the residents, employees, and tourists in the region.

The product is aligned with Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan and UAE’s vision for the next 50 years, which draws out an outline for sustainable urban development in Dubai that enriches the excellence of living. One of the key aims is to offer a sustainable and compliant process of mobility, an endeavor UDrive is conducive to the unveiling of its stations as car-sharing platforms have witnessed augmented progress internationally and in the Middle East. KPMG accounts for nearly 50% of car owners now will no longer want to own a vehicle by 2025 and Research and Markets stated that 4 out of every 10 car travels will be by way of car share.

Ahmed Jama, Director of Traffic and Transport Management at DWTC stated on the unveiling that as a trade and residential hub situated in the center of the city, there are thousands of residents, professionals, and business and leisure travelers visiting the DWTC region daily. DWTC is home to some of the country’s most prestigious exhibitions and events and high footfall throughout the year.

Jama added that this partnership with Udrive will promote to streamlining mobility while strengthening their endeavors to offer innovative solutions to ensure a seamless driving experience for everyone in the DWTC region.

Nicholas Watson, Co-founder, and CEO of Udrive said, with Udrive Stations, the company is catering to a market that hasn’t been served in the past with a new and innovative product. The Udrive team has evaluated the area’s demographic and created a globally distinctive, inexpensive, and convenient way to mobility, making it simpler for users to gain access to cars of their choice almost instantly. To date, Udrive records about 800 trips weekly in the DWTC region. With their initial unveiling in the region, the company is investing in the UAE’s development with dynamic solutions that provide great experiences and mobility for their communities.

Anoop Dhondoo, Cluster General Manager at Ibis One Central noted on the unveiling, with this first-of-its-kind product, the company supports vehicle availability and a seamless experience to navigate the city.

He added that the company is pleased to foster the growth towards a smart and united city while reducing the number of cars on the roads and reinforcing Dubai as a global destination for citizens, inhabitants, and tourists.

On the median, a Udrive car is used by five people in a day. With the launch of this product, the company is effectively eliminating five private cars off the roads per Udrive car in their fleet. The company envisions this as the inception of many such stations through Dubai and the UAE that promote the advancement of a smart, connected ted City of the Future, empowering convenient mobility, and creating the sharing experience progressively effortless and more reliable, added Watson.

By 2026, the number of customers in the car-sharing division is projected to reach about a 60.7million. According to a report by Valuates, by 2025, the global car-sharing market will achieve US$103 billion, with a CAGR of 17.2% during the projected interval. Udrive has pioneered the 24/7 digital car rental model in the GCC via a cellular phone app-only methodology.

About Udrive

Udrive is a pay-per-minute car rental idea that commenced in 2017 extending motorists in the UAE and KSA a cost-effective, short-term driving resolution. Motorists can book a car for their travel via the Udrive app, locate it at a spot that’s convenient to them, and then just drive.

Udrive provides the best driving experience at the best affordable rates. The company believes in giving its customers the best driving experience without any of the hassles that come with owning a car.

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