Lumi Rental: Redefining Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Lumi Rental: Redefining Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Lumi Rental: Redefining Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Lumi, powered by Seera Group’s local expertise, is a leading car rental and leasing brand in Saudi Arabia. Lumi has risen as a beacon of innovation and dynamism in the land mobility sector, reshaping how people and businesses move across the Kingdom and beyond.

With a fleet of 30,000+ vehicles, 36 branches in 18 cities, and 80% of cars in under 12 months, Lumi is set to revolutionise the definition of land mobility in the Kingdom in alignment with Vision 2030 with its operational excellence and personalised services.

Milestones and Achievements

In 2019, Lumi underwent a significant rebranding and declared a renewed commitment to innovation, and superior customer service. The journey continued with major milestones, including ISO certification, conversion to a Joint Stock Company, and a large expansion of services offered and branches opened since 2020.

Lumi’s dedication to digital innovation was further demonstrated in 2021 with the launch of a mobile application, bike rental service, and expansion. In 2022, Lumi opened its first used car sales showroom, marking a new dimension in the company’s growth.

Market Success and IPO Triumph

Lumi’s success in the market was recently showcased by its spectacular debut on the Saudi Stock Exchange, where shares soared as much as 30%. As a leading car rental provider in Saudi Arabia, capturing an estimated 7% market share in 2021, Lumi’s initial public offering generated much interest, with bids oversubscribed nearly 95 times.

Team and Partners

Any great company needs a great team, and Lumi has just that, with Mr. Azfar Shakeel as CEO, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Rasheed as CFO, and Mr. Mohammad Al-Amro as Executive Director of Human Capital Engagement. They have many years of experience and bold visions and have played an instrumental role in propelling Lumi to its current success. The rest of their large team is equally committed to the company’s vision and journey.

Lumi also collaborates with several partners to enhance its services. These partners include Aramco, Al Ula Development Company, Nokia, Flynas, SAPTCO, Tamer, Pepsi, and many more. Its well-maintained vehicles and top-notch services across Saudi Arabia have garnered Lumi numerous awards and honours, including recognition at the prestigious World Travel Awards for four consecutive years.

Services Custom-Designed for the Rapidly-Evolving Market

Lumi offers a range of services that have been specially designed to meet the diverse needs of their customers:

Car Rental: A modern fleet of well-maintained vehicles across 36 branches in Saudi Arabia, providing a seamless booking experience via a state-of-the-art mobile website, app, and digital-first branch network.

Corporate & Government Leasing: Tailored solutions through a dedicated portal, offering cost-effective vehicle leasing, transportation solutions, and account management support.

Used Car Sales: Access a massive range of well-maintained, pre-owned vehicles with a seamless booking experience.

Motorcycle Rental: Exclusive rental of Harley-Davidson & BMW motorcycles, known for their performance, comfort, and style.

Event Transportation: Comprehensive transport service planning for major events, conferences, festivals, and more, accommodating transportation requirements for occasions of all sizes and types.

Lumi’s success is possible because of a set of core practices that place customers at the heart of everything they do. The company’s dedication to paying attention to its customers and delivering best-in-class quality and safety at affordable prices is stellar. Along with that, Lumi also continually invests in innovation to improve the customer experience, as they are bent on creating a sense of brand loyalty built on customer satisfaction.

What Lies Ahead..

Lumi’s vision is to reshape the way people and businesses move, leveraging digital innovation for mobility. The mission is clear: focus on convenience, win customer loyalty, and maintain operational excellence with a young and dynamic fleet. In a nation being transformed by Vision 2030, Lumi is a shining example of the potential for innovation and growth in Saudi Arabia.

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