Electric Autonomy Ready Cars ready to hit the road – Jaguar Land Rover

Modern compact car in warehouse daylight.

Modern compact car in warehouse daylight.

Jaguar Land Rover reported the unveiling of the first concept electric vehicle. The British automaker is focused on launching the car’s on-road trial for the following year. Electric Autonomy ready cars are the result of Project Vector looking ahead to the future. The vehicle comes with various seating configurations which can be used for private as well as shared use.

Hitting the Roads

The car stands four-metre-long with the ideal design for urban ambience. By the end of 2021, project Vector, based on the National Automotive Innovation Centre, and is planning the pilot run by 2021. The car is projecting a new way to mobilise with individual transport on zero-emission. UK government has already announced ending the sale of diesel, petrol or gasoline vehicles by 2035. An electric future is evident in the upcoming years with major carmakers preparing for the competition ahead.

An electric automobile future?

Though Jaguar is planning to storm the market, its widespread use will still take years. Range of tests and developments are ongoing in the autonomous vehicle segment. Safety, however, is still one of the biggest challenges which are involved with electric vehicles. Automatically driven cars must be able to handle the various driving situation with safety. The on-road trials in upcoming years by Jaguar Land Rover will further reveal the abilities which the electric car can throw in the market.

The automobile scenario is probably moving towards a Green future with zero-emission.

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