Twitter Bans QAnon Accounts Posing Threat for its Users

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Twitter announced on Tuesday to be taking strict enforcement against followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory due to increasing risk of harassment and offline harm.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the company has put a ban on over 7,000 QAnon associated accounts over the weeks as part of its new policy and curbed the distribution of 150,000 others who asked to remain unnamed regarding involvement in harassment of social media employees.

Twitter will also stop recommending any content and accounts related to QAnon in order to limit the content circulation on search results and trends.

Due to escalation of offline harm associated with the conspiracy theory, Twitter called out the accounts related, saying their active presence has become a threat for individual Twitter users, being the first major social-media platform to take aggressive action by removing accounts that violate its policies on online manipulation and spams. Other social-media platforms have taken similar intended actions against QAnon activity. Facebook claims to have put restrictions on accounts for violating its policies like the incitement of violence.

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