iQ Group and the Silk Route: A Historical Road Enters the Future

iQ Group and the Silk Route: A Historical Road Enters the Future

iQ Group and the Silk Route: A Historical Road Enters the Future

iQ Group is a prominent tech firm in Iraq, founded in 2005. With a large array of high-speed internet services, iQ has established a strong presence throughout Iraq, offering connection services to various businesses and government institutions. As a pioneer in fibre access transmission, iQ’s backbone infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting the telecommunications industry in Iraq, with major telecommunication companies and mobile operators relying on iQ’s fibre network to allow connectivity for millions of users.

In recent years, iQ has undergone a massive expansion, diversifying its operations across telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing industries. This growth has allowed iQ to leverage the collective expertise and resources of different sectors, providing more holistic services to its customers. iQ has an impressive 98% Iraqi workforce, increasing the number of opportunities available to the talented and creative locals. With iQ’s technology services, millions of Iraqis have been able to connect with the rest of the world, stream news, promote their startups, and work on technological breakthroughs.

Iraq presents several lucrative opportunities for the development and expansion of Internet services. The country has a large population of over 41 million, with a growing demand for digital services. The government is actively working on establishing regulatory frameworks to support digital financial sessions, and global technology companies are investing in Iraq.

Improving internet infrastructure and services in Iraq can propel economic development, improve governance, and better living standards. The availability of high-speed internet connections, both cable and mobile, is essential for the growth of various sectors, such as e-commerce, telecommunication, and technology startups. iQ Group’s mission is to provide the best technology-based tools possible, to unlock the full potential of Iraq’s people, both individually and as a society.

Considering the demographic weight, the growing demand for digital services, and the potential for economic growth, investing in Iraq’s infrastructure is a lucrative opportunity for companies like iQ Group. By providing high-quality and reliable internet services, iQ can cater to the needs of the Iraqi population, contribute to the country’s technological advancement, and establish itself as a leading internet provider in the region.

One of iQ’s most notable projects is the Silk Route Transit, a groundbreaking fibre-optic transit network aimed at creating an alternative link connecting Europe and the Middle East with the rest of the world. Like the historical Silk Road, which facilitated economic and cultural contact between Europe and Asia, the Silk Route Transit focuses on internet links, which have become a precious asset in the modern world due to social media, business, and entertainment.

The Silk Route Transit spans over 3500 kilometres of fibre-optic cable across Iraq and offers a multilayer fibre-optic network that provides the shortest terrestrial route connecting Europe and Asia. Additionally, iQ is also planning on enhancing the physical protection of the routes associated with the Silk Route Transit project.

This project not only enables high-quality and low-latency internet usage but also enhances the security and reliability of the services. By acting as a transit hub, Iraq can simplify the logistics of internet service providers, connecting neighbouring countries and becoming the path of preference between Europe and Asia. The potential delay through the terrestrial cables is less than half that of sea cables, and Iraq is strategically placed, making it an optimal route.

iQ’s strong commitment to the customer is visible in its wide range of contract terms, from short-term to long-term right of use, and offering some of the lowest prices available for high-speed fibre optic broadband in the Middle East and Europe, catering to diverse customer needs. With a large number of certified resources, extensive deployments, and 24/7 expert operational support, iQ ensures the best possible support for its clients.

The group’s expertise in traffic engineering and partnerships with major tech companies will further enhance the effectiveness of this route. As a leading fibre-optic internet provider, iQ is dedicated to continuous growth and evolution within the industry, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable, and secure internet access to its customers in Iraq and beyond.

The tech firm has launched Green Initiative in 2023. iQ wants to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce its reliance on non-renewable energy. Moving closer towards these goals by investing in renewable energy, and in environmentally friendly projects and solutions. iQ is already using solar energy to power some of its infrastructure in southern Iraq and is working on making this the norm is more areas. One of iQ’s goals is to power its sites with renewable energy and limiting plastic usage and initiating eco-friendly procedures as a part of this initiative, to offset net energy usage.

The company is dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by supporting non-profit organisations, funding the ‘Coding and Computing Skills for Children and Youth’ project with Kurdistan Save the Children, and collaborating with PAK for the Trap, Neuter, and Return project, an ethical and sustainable approach for stray dogs. iQ has also collaborated with small-scale organisations for initiatives, including iQ Academy to promote knowledge of the internet, iQ Connect to bring the underprivileged online, iQ Mentor to mentor Iraqi youth, and iQ Athletes which establishes sports clubs and encourages athletes.

iQ Group has a strong ethos of responsibility and community, and both through their business operations and charitable initiatives, they are working to promote the welfare of and improve the standards of living of Iraqi citizens. They firmly believe that economic growth and social welfare go hand in hand, and their Silk Route project is a stellar example of that thought put into action.

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